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5 Text Messaging Templates to Kick Off a Conversation

Nowadays, it’s expected that businesses use text messaging. In fact, 64% of customer prefer text messaging over voice when it comes to customer service. Because texting for business has become the norm, you can use it much in the same way you would phone or email to get a conversation with a prospect going. The biggest difference? That’s right — people actually read their text messages.

Here are text message templates to help you kick off a text conversation with a prospect. Use these out of the gate to build a connection, provide value, and set up the meetings that lead to closes.

Text to follow up with someone who recently browsed your site

When a prospect browses your site, interacts with your content, and fills out your forms, it’s like they are window shopping. Many of them will just pass on by, drifting to the next website, the next window to peruse.

But, if you reach out to them soon after they browse with a well-timed, friendly message, it’s like greeting a window shopper and welcoming them inside. Here are a couple of templates you can use to let them know that you noticed them and that you’re there to help.

{{contact.first_name}}, thanks for checking out our website the other day! I left you a voicemail but wanted to make sure you have my contact info. How’d you hear about TextUs, if you don’t mind me asking?

Hi {{contact.first_name}}, just shooting you a text because I noticed you were checking out our Cali travel nursing jobs and thought this eBook on salaries in Cali might help you narrow down your search.

Text sequence to follow up on a recent download

If browsing is window shopping, then downloading something from your site is like taking a free sample from a brick and mortar store. You’ve already gotten them in the door and know they’re interested in you — your company culture, your thought leadership, the solutions you provide.

Because a download is an even higher level of interest, you confidently send a couple text messages to turn that interest into a conversation.

[Text 1] {{contact.first_name}}, thanks for downloading our design guide! Are you available at 2 pm or 3 pm today to chat about some new insider tips that aren’t in the book? — Erich

[Text 2, if no response to Text1] Realize you’re busy, wanted to make sure you got my last text — I think we have the perfect design templates for your project. Are you free at 12 pm to connect?

Text to start a conversation about a prospect’s company

While nurturing prospects who visit you is a no-brainer, you can also do a little window shopping yourself when searching for prospects to partner with. By visiting the sites of clients you’d like to land and expressing interest in what interests them, pave the way for a strong connection.

Here is a template to start a conversation based on a current trend a prospect is already on top of.

Hi {{contact.first_name}}, I’ve been looking at different recruiting websites with enabled chat tools and came across your website. Chat has become quite popular within staffing and recruiting lately, and I’m curious what your thoughts are on it.

Text to respond to a prospect’s recent news

Another way to show interest in what interests your contacts is to respond to big news they’ve shared. You might send a text about an article you read by the CEO of a company you’d like to work with or send a kind note in response to a big award. You can show them that you’re paying attention to them and invested in their success.

Hi {{contact.first_name}}, I loved your article on LinkedIn about thinking outside the box when it comes to goal setting — do you have a few minutes to chat tomorrow about it?

Hi {{contact.first_name}}, I noticed your company recently made Crain’s Fast 50 list — congratulations! I’ve been looking into what it takes to make a fast-growth firm, and I’m curious what your thoughts are… the secret to your success ?

Text follow up to an in-person meeting

If you’ve already met someone in-person, the key is to send the right message at the right time. You don’t want to let those conference connections and networking meetings grow stale by not following up soon after meeting.

Here’s a template to send as quickly as possible after meeting someone in person so you can up the chances of getting on their calendar. Joshua Berndt, our Director of Enterprise Sales, is a master of the quick post-meeting response — he’ll send a follow-up text within an hour or two of meeting someone. Here’s one of his templates:

{{contact.first_name}}, it was great to meet you. Let’s absolutely stay in touch … Are you available at 2 pm or 3 pm any day next week? Here’s a quick link to my calendar ?

Looking for more templates? Check out our 101 Text Message Templates for Sales and Recruiting Professionals.

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