7 Can’t-Miss Booths at Bullhorn Engage 2017

The networking and knowledge at Bullhorn Engage 2017 is sure to help you and your team grow. With so much to take in, we thought we’d point you in the direction of the best tools to keep an eye out for at this year’s event! Here’s a list of the companies to make sure you don’t miss.



Looking to get your candidates and clients hooked? Herefish is the tool for you (get it?). Herefish helps you go from just a regular staffing firm to a resource for engaging and attention-grabbing content. With seamless Bullhorn integration, cutting edge staffing specific technology, and automated personalized communication, you can make your database your top source for hiring.




As the #1 Salesforce analytics product on the market today, InsightSquared is the top choice for staffing and recruiting companies that use data to achieve optimal performance. Have hundreds of pre-built reports at your fingertips to outline every major metric, in a visual and easy to digest format. Use InsightSquared to let your data bring you to the next level.




CloudCall is the best way to integrate any phone call needs seamlessly with your CRM workflow. By integrating your telecommunications with Bullhorn, you can cut down on time otherwise spent handling calls and boost the efficiency of those calls. You’ll be able to utilize CloudCall outbound progressive dialer, and call recordings will be automatically stored into your Bullhorn notes.




Shiftboard is the go-to tool for managing your scheduling at the highest performance level. Staffing and recruiting agencies can turn to Shiftboard to overcome their biggest and most complicated staffing challenges. Track, report, and handle the unexpected with Shiftboard.



Spark Hire

Staffing and recruiting firms can save time and boost efficiency by using Spark Hire’s top of the line video interviewing platform. Let candidates record their own videos answering a series of questions for you to review on your schedule, to better select the most beneficial fits for further in-person interviewing. Increase placements, create a distinct competitive advantage, and increase revenue.




Recruitics = Recruitment Marketing + Analytics. In working with the world’s largest corporations, staffing companies, and job boards, Recruitics simplifies the recruitment marketing strategy to help companies achieve the highest levels of success. The first programmatic buying platform for the recruitment industry, Recruitics is your solution to streamlining your processes and hiring top talent.




Hey, that’s us!

TextUs is the only business-class text messaging software built specifically for inside sales, staffing and recruiting teams. Our goal is simple: to help your team communicate faster. With eight times the response rate of traditional communication channels, TextUs empowers salespeople and recruiters to sell smarter and faster. We’re on a mission to reinvent how SMS can be used for business and with the TextUs + Bullhorn integration, now you can add business-class texting software to right into your Bullhorn workflow.  

Learn more about TextUs + Bullhorn and get started texting with a 30-Day Team Pilot.

We look forward to seeing you all at Bullhorn Engage 2017, and we can’t wait to explore all of these cutting edge tools alongside you. Learn more about the conference here.

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