TextUs Launches Keywords, Provides Automated SMS Response Capabilities to Texting Platform

TextUs announces the addition of Keywords, allowing users to utilize automated text responses and simplify opt-ins using predefined SMS keywords


DENVER, COLORADO – TextUs recently announced Keywords, its latest feature functionality that will allow users to drive higher SMS response rates through use of automated keywords.   


The release of this feature has come from a growing demand from customers that want to drive efficiency and engagement at scale by automating common responses through use of specific keywords.  Use cases for keyword automation are growing as companies look for ways to better engage with customers, candidates, employees, vendors and more.  Keywords offer an easy way to simplify opt-ins and grow contact lists via text messaging.   Additionally, users are able to create auto responses for common questions to increase team efficiency.

TextUs Keywords essential features include:

  • Unlimited keywords: Users can create an unlimited number of keyword triggers and paired auto responses to be used in a variety of ways across messaging accounts. 
  • Auto responses: Users are able to craft engaging auto responses using texting templates, rich media such as images and videos, or personalized messages. 
  • Keyword-driven contact groups: When a person texts in a keyword, they will be automatically added to a contact group that can be used for future campaigns.


“We’re excited to bring Keywords to market as we look to offer a more robust automation suite alongside conversational and campaign text messaging capabilities,” notes Doug Render, SVP of Product at TextUs. “TextUs is designed to help organizations be more efficient and Keywords is a major step in helping them accomplish that.  It will help businesses streamline their operations and increase the impact of their SMS channel.”


Keywords is available as a premium add-on for current TextUs customers.  A launch webinar is scheduled for July 13, 2022 at 11am MT.  Customers are encouraged to register to get a live demo of Keywords and ask any questions about the new feature.

More information about TextUs Keywords can be found at https://textus.com/keywords 


About TextUs
TextUs is the leading conversational texting platform that enables organizations to have engaging real-time conversations with customers, candidates, leads and employees.  TextUs integrates with several applicant tracking systems (ATS) and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, making texting an easy and seamless extension of current business systems.  The company serves many different verticals such as sales, staffing and recruiting, SaaS, higher education, corporate human resources, healthcare, property management, financial services, nonprofits, and more. With a 98% read rate and up to 45% response rates, TextUs delivers business-class text messaging combined with automated campaign features to connect businesses with their customers in real time.