Endless integration possibilities with our API allow TextUs messages and contacts to work seamlessly with your ATS, CRM or any other business tool. 

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Out of the Box Benefits with the TextUs API

Implementation & Scalability

Start quickly and scale faster.  Start communicating with candidates, customers, employees and more with a trusted SMS platform.

Reach People Faster

SMS has over a 98% read rate and achieves upwards of 10 times the response of phone or email.


TextUs’ 99.99% uptime means you’ll never miss sending or receiving a text message.

Best-in-Class Support

Our customer experience team is the best in the business, ensuring you can implement, execute and troubleshot easily.

Two Way Communication

This is not “send it and forget it” service.  Engage in two-way, conversational texting right from your business sytems.

10DLC Compliance

Rest assured, TextUs aligns with A2P 10DLC (application to person 10-digit long code) regulations so you can send and receive with trust and transparency.


The TextUs API is a RESTful API that allows your company to integrate your TextUs messages and contacts with your CRM or any other tool. The majority of functionality within our web application is accessible via the API, so the integration possibilities are endless.

The TextUs API supports HTTP Basic authentication. To authenticate, base-64 encode your username and api key (separated with a colon) and place the result in an ‘Authorization’ header. You may authenticate with your username and password, or with your username and api key.


Once set up with a TextUs account you’ll be able to reveal and reset your API Key.

You will need to provide this key with every request to the TextUs API. Please keep this key secured. If you need to reset the key for any reason, click the button below. Please use caution when resetting the key. It will cause any requests with the old key to fail.


Webhooks allow you to collect information about events in near real-time. Simply add a URL to receive inbound and outbound messages as they are sent.

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