6 Text Message Templates to Boost Engagement at Your Next Event

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A few weeks ago, we sponsored StaffingHub Live, the inaugural staffing event built to help firms scale faster, put on by our favorite source of industry intelligence, StaffingHub. At the event, executives learned a lot, made connections, and had some fun. 

We also tested out the TextUs Concierge for the first time, using TextUs Next to answer attendees’ questions, share timely info, and make sure everyone had a great time. 

Schedule these texts out to create a journey for the attendees at your next event. 

Template 1: The Welcome Message – Day 1, Morning

Get everyone pumped — and make sure they know when to be where — with this simple welcome message. StaffingHub sent a message like this the morning of the first day of events. 

Hey {{contact.firstName | default: “there”}}, this is [Event Name]’s Text Concierge, sponsored by TextUs. Have a question? Lost? Need a local restaurant rec? Text us back and a real human will help you. Also, here’s a link to a map of the event locations. See you soon! https://hubs.lytext.us/H0kMG5

StaffingHub linked this message to a custom Google map so people could find whatever they needed — whether it was the trailhead for a hike, the golf course, or Boulder Theater where all the speakers shared their insights.

Template 2: Reminder for the Next Day – Day 1, Evening

At every transition point at an event, attendees have their mind on what’s next. You can use this template at the end of the first day for a multi-day event to make sure your participants show up on time the next day. 

Hi {{contact.firstName | default: “there”}}, don’t miss [Speaker Name], our opening keynote, tomorrow at 10 am. Here’s a link to the agenda for the week: https://text.us/H0kNX71

StaffingHub linked this message to a mobile-friendly version of their agenda that could be easily viewed and downloaded right from attendees’ phones. 

Planning a one-day event? Modify this template to remind folks of the next event, speaker, or get-together that’s on your agenda.

Template 3: Good Morning – Day 2, Morning

You already know how tough it is to get ahold of people. Though events are great for connecting, it can be even more difficult to get someone’s attention — they’re often traveling, meeting new people, and paying attention to learning or entertainment. By sharing the most important info at the right time, you can get ahold of your audience and help them get the most out of your event.

Good morning! Can’t wait to see you today at [Event Name] today. Here’s the agenda again for your convenience: https://text.us/H0kNX71

Knowing how busy attendees often are and how easy it is to miss (or misplace) info, StaffingHub shared the agenda again in this message.

Template 4: Evening Event – Day 2, Afternoon

Using well-timed text messages is also a great way to highlight what you really want to make sure your guests pay attention to. You can customize a template like this to direct your audience to a speaker, cause, or happening that you particularly want to boost attendance for. 

Join us in supporting [Sponsor Name] by making a donation now to help those affected by Hurricane Dorian: https://text.us/H0kNWPS

Just before a charity dinner honoring one of StaffingHub Live’s sponsors, they sent this text out so that guests could donate to the cause right from their phones. This not only helped to make the fundraiser more successful, it also allowed participants to engage with the fundraiser without missing any of the in-person action. 

Template 5: Thank You – Day 3, Before Closing Event

A little gratitude goes a long way. So far on your attendees’ text journey with you, you’ve given them valuable info, generated excitement, and reminded them of can’t-miss events. It’s a good point in the flow to thank them — for joining you, for contributing, or for their part in making the event a success. 

Thank you so much to those who have already donated to [Sponsor Name]. We’ve already raised over $10,000! In case you missed it, here’s the donation link again: https://text.us/H0kNWPS

StaffingHub highlighted the donors who had supported one of their events nonprofit sponsors. This message is a great way both to thank attendees and to encourage more participation in the fundraiser.

Template 6: Feedback Request – Day 3, Evening

To continually succeed at throwing events, you need to hear from your attendees. Right after the event ends, while their experience is still fresh in their minds, ask for their feedback. A quick survey can help you make sure your next event is even better. 

Thanks so much for attending [Event Name]! We hope you had a great time. Please share your feedback on the event so we can make next year even better: https://www.research.net/shl2019

StaffingHub sent all attendees a survey link to help them understand what was most valuable to their attendees and what needed to be tweaked before year 2 of the event.

Tailoring these text message templates to your event needs will help you engage your audience, build better connections, and create a supportive journey for your in-person events.

Ready to customize these templates for your next event?

You can make a copy of this swipe file worksheet to get started and share with your team!

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