7 Killer Opportunities to Connect at the Gig Economy Conference

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Staffing Industry Analyst’s 2nd annual Collaboration in the Gig Economy Conference kicks off today, bringing together everyone in the gig economy supply chain: from staffers to MSP providers, from suppliers to human cloud companies. Everyone is gathered in Dallas to see how we can work together to optimize the talent supply chain.


Don’t miss Staffing Industry Analyst President Barry Asin’s opening keynote. He’ll discuss the role of technology in the revolutions the talent supply chain has been going through in the last decade. And you’ll get a chance to meet all the attendees of the conference, bright and early.

Follow this up with the Keynote panel, where you can tap the expertise of top suppliers and market intermediaries to delve deeper into the questions Asin raised in his talk.


Collaboration Roundtables

Who: You and others interested participants

When: Wednesday, September 13, 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Where: Trinity 4-8

Join in some in-depth discussions with other attendees to explore tips, problem solving, and strategic ideas around some of the top issues facing the talent supply chain. Topics will be broken down by group:

    • General Gig Economy: Jump in on discussions about implementing gig platforms, top apps, managing remote workers, and more.
    • Staffing Suppliers: You can brainstorm about tech solutions for staffing companies, metrics to improve growth, and more.
    • Legal and Regulatory: Dig into pressing legal topics, such as co-employment, contract terms, and independent contractor misclassification. Ask a lawyer your top-of-mind questions, too.
    • Enterprise Buyers: Talk about onboarding practices that drive retention, sources for new talent, employer branding in the gig economy, and more.

Gig Economy Shark Tank!

Who: Jonathan Kestenbaum, Managing Director, Talent Tech Labs; John Nurthen, Executive Director, Global Research, Staffing Industry Analysts; Fabio Rosati, Board Member, Investor, and Former CEO Elance & Upwork; Raza Syed, Director, Corporate Development & Partnership, Indeed; Moderated by David Francis, Sr. Research Analyst, CCWP, Staffing Industry Analysts

When: Thursday, September 14, 11:15 am – 12:30 pm

Where: Dallas G

Hear from a wide variety of cutting-edge gig economy tech companies as they give their best pitch to you. Judges will vote to decide the winner and you’ll get a chance to chat with all the participating founders and CEOs.

Here’s a rundown of the participants:

    • Bonsai, Matt Brown, Co-Founder & CEO
    • Bunker, Chad Nitschke, Co-Founder & CEO
    • Gustav, Jan Jedlinski, CEO
    • Koru, Kristen Hamilton, CEO
    • Talentify – Othamar Gama Filho, CEO

Improving Sales and Recruiting Productivity: Tech Tools and Techniques

Who: David Folwell, President, The Growth Co.; Roderick Smyth, CEO, TempBuddy; Manuel Vidal, COO, Matlen Silver; Moderated by Kersten Buck, Sr. Director, Global Strategy & Solutions, CCWP, Staffing Industry Analysts

When: Thursday, September 14th, 3:15-4:00 pm

Where: Dallas F

Are you a staffing executive trying to boost your team’s productivity and effectiveness? To expand your recruiters’ reach? This panel helps you connect with the tools that will help you do just that. Folwell, Smyth, and Vidal will help you learn how to superpower your communication strategy, remove distractions, and speed connections with candidates.



Come visit our booth to chat about how you can connect to candidates faster, save recruiter time, and speed placements with the only text messaging platform built for the staffing and recruiting industry.

Natural Insight

Visit Natural Insight’s booth if you are looking to connect with a team who is dedicated to providing innovative in-store mobile apps and cloud solutions for retail environments. Chat with them about ways to remotely assign and manage tasks, integrate the mobile and web experience for distributed workforces, and simplify on-demand workforce management to retailers.

iWork Global

This professional employer organization helps you manage a global workforce with the same precision, regulations, and success that you would a local team. They provide compliance guidance, payroll management, and relief from administrative burdens. Visit iWork to meet with the team that will help you remain connected to your global workforce.

There you have – great ways to connect at the conference. Looking for more info on getting connected faster? Check out our Staffing Industry Benchmarking Report.