TextUs CMO Andrew Kimmell on the Big Ticket Clients Podcast Talking About Conversational Marketing with Text Messaging

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Our CMO Andrew Kimmell was recently on the Big Ticket Clients Podcast. He talked about the Era of Real-Time Communication, how to build relationships with text messaging, and how he was inspired by Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell when he was a kid. 

Check out some clips of his podcast below, as Andrew breaks down how to build a conversational approach to business text messaging.

Start a Dialogue

“You can use to text message to promote something to someone, but it’s much more powerful if you use it to build a relationship. And when you can reach out to a targeted group of people with a question and in a personal way, and get them to respond and start a dialogue. That’s a conversational approach to using a text message that is really the power that we’re promoting at TextUs. And coaching people how to do that.”

Keep it Real 

“That’s really what the business text messaging trend is really hitting the realization of now, is that it’s not just about the ability to text. It’s about the ability to coach people the right way to approach text messaging. And how to, as we term it, “Keep it real,” and have a real authentic way of building relationships. And reaching out to people when there’s context, and they expect it, and they’re excited to get it.” 

Build Relationships

“It’s incredible how much you can start conversations and then that again is what we mean by changing this context of what are we focused on in sales and marketing and it should be about building relationships, starting conversations. Not necessarily making people fill out forms and click on links, because that stuff doesn’t actually move the needle.” 

Bonus: TextUs Origin Story

“When I was young I remember seeing Zach Morris on Saved by the Bell with that gray mobile phone, and it just blew my mind that like you could just be anywhere on the go and just use the phone. It just stuck with me. And that then … And then actually even like with my mom’s first pager, I remember when she got that. I had all the pager covers in different colors and stuff when I was like in middle school, and I was just really obsessed with that. So I think, yeah, I’ve just been kind of super interested in mobile and creative projects and just experimenting, more than anything, since I was really young.”

Watch the entire episode below on YouTube!

Listen to the entire episode here or wherever you get your podcasts!

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