Introducing TextUs High-Volume – Turn Up the Volume on Your Business Texting to Instantly Reach Thousands of People

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When text messaging first started being used for business, campaigns were all about impersonal marketing. Contacts received bland, promotional messages from 5-digit numbers. These messages didn’t inspire conversation or connection — often they were just interruptions that got quickly deleted.

Over 70% of Fast-Growth Staffing Firms Use Text Messaging to Follow Up with Candidates, Engage Talent, and Schedule Appointments

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In fact, over 70% of staffing firms indicated that they use text messaging to follow up with candidates from the get-go, touch base with active and placed talent, and schedule and confirm appointments and interviews. Fast-growth staffing firms are also more than twice as likely than slow-growth firms to use text messaging to help with credentialing and nearly 60% more … Read More

Introducing Nate Bishop, TextUs’s New VP of Sales

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It’d be tricky to list all of the myriad reasons why we’re pumped to have Nate join our team, so here are just three: He’s a team builder. Nate has been igniting, managing, and coaching fast-growing sales teams for over a decade. “What’s unique about the TextUs team is that our sales reps are also our account managers,” says Nate. … Read More

TextUs Partners with Staffing Referrals to Help Staffing Firms Find More Qualified Candidates

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By providing staffing and recruiting firms with a white-label referral management platform similar to those used by Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb, Staffing Referrals helps their clients scale their referral programs. Since launching last year, their software has captured hundreds of referral leads and saved clients thousands in administrative costs. This new partnership helps companies get more leads by combining referrals, … Read More

2018 State of Staffing Industry Growth Benchmarking Report

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StaffingHub surveyed hundreds of staffing industry professionals to understand the strategies, tools, and tactics that the most successful staffing firms use to grow faster. The report especially focuses on what fast-growth firms (those organizations experiencing 21%+ growth in 2017 and anticipating 21%+ growth in 2018) do differently than slow-growth firms (experiencing less than 5% growth in 2017). The State of … Read More

Text from Your Business Number on Your Mobile Phone with the TextUs App [Update]

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Here at TextUs, we pride ourselves on being customer-oriented company. That means we’re constantly listening to our customers and updating our software with the features that you need most. What’s the best part of the TextUs mobile app? You can keep all of your business contacts and messages separate from your personal contacts. So, you can still enjoy the convenience … Read More

Don’t Send That Selfie: How NOT to Use MMS for Business

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You might be excited to get going with TextUs MMS, generating new leads through promotional pics or speeding up an onboarding process with photos of documents over text. But, you also want to make sure your MMS communication is appropriate, constructive, and useful.So, here are 5 ways NOT to use MMS for business. Don’t send offensive images. You probably know … Read More

Case Study: How Loyal Source Decreased Time Spent Looking for Candidates by 33% and Doubled Recruiter Productivity with TextUs + Bullhorn

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With Baby Boomers aging out of the workforce and Millennials aging in, texting has become the preferred method of communication for more and more of Loyal Source’s contacts. By integrating business-class texting platform TextUs with Bullhorn, their existing applicant tracking system (ATS), Loyal Source improved their response rates, slashed sourcing time, and boosted productivity. TextUs helped Loyal Source provide more … Read More

7 Ways to Use MMS for Business

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And just as SMS text messaging can superpower your business communication, MMS has effective business applications, too. Here are the top 7 ways to use MMS for your business. #1. Send and receive photos Smartphones have become the primary way most people take pictures. That means that when your customers are shopping, attending conferences, or networking, they use their phone … Read More