Case Study: Capstone Collegiate Communities Closes Deals Faster with TextUs

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Capstone Collegiate Communities (C3) is committed to providing high-quality housing to college students around the country. 

“Email is ancient.” That’s the opinion of college students these days, and it’s why C3 went looking for a better way to communicate with their core clientele.

By adopting TextUs, C3 was able to get ahold of students faster, keep students engaged throughout the lease process, and close deals more quickly. 

C3 was having trouble getting their students on the phone — and they weren’t succeeding with email. Their customer is primarily college students. “For them, email is ancient. And when it comes to talking on the phone, our students just won’t do it. They only communicate via text,” said Jen Wilson, SVP of Marketing and Leasing.

Because text was the only channel of communication that was getting through, agents started using their own cell phones to text their contacts. But this strategy was riddled with problems. Outreach was slow and inconsistent. It was difficult to keep track of messaging and impossible to have any transparency into interaction with customers. 

C3 tried TextUs on the recommendation of an employee who had used it before, and they’ve never looked back. “We started with just one community. As soon as we saw the power of TextUs, we signed up all our communities around the country.” 

Read and download the full case study below.

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