Introducing TextUs Voice – The Next Wave in Business Communication is Here

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There is a major shift happening in business communication right now. Your business is no longer in control of the conversation — the customer is. We can all order anything online, instantly get a ride, access all the entertainment and information that we want, on-demand and on our phones. This means that the power to make the decisions that drive … Read More

How Do You Use Business Texting?

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Four decades ago, in 1977, the first emails were used by the Department of Defense to share information between people on the same network. Text messaging only turns 25 this year, but it’s gone through plenty of evolutions in use, too. Instead of tapping out messages slowly using T9 on alphanumeric keypads, we quickly craft messages with the full keyboards … Read More

10 Tips On Creating More Agile Teams

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Have you ever wondered how some teams are able to effectively work better together? Or have you wondered why some teams are dysfunctional at best and far from agile? When human beings are part of the mix, it doesn’t matter how good a team happens to be, because everybody carries around some emotional baggage with them. Whether you’re running a … Read More