Introducing TextUs Voice – The Next Wave in Business Communication is Here

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There is a major shift happening in business communication right now. Your business is no longer in control of the conversation — the customer is. We can all order anything online, instantly get a ride, access all the entertainment and information that we want, on-demand and on our phones. This means that the power to make the decisions that drive … Read More

7 Ways to Use High-Volume Business Texting to Reach More Contacts Faster Than Ever Before

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Maybe you have bad associations with texting a lot of people at once. You think “mass texting” and you might picture the worst kind of business communication — anonymous, generic outreach or promotional messages that don’t meaningfully consider the audience on the other side of them.

Introducing TextUs High-Volume – Turn Up the Volume on Your Business Texting to Instantly Reach Thousands of People

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When text messaging first started being used for business, campaigns were all about impersonal marketing. Contacts received bland, promotional messages from 5-digit numbers. These messages didn’t inspire conversation or connection — often they were just interruptions that got quickly deleted.

7 Ways to Use MMS for Business

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And just as SMS text messaging can superpower your business communication, MMS has effective business applications, too. Here are the top 7 ways to use MMS for your business. #1. Send and receive photos Smartphones have become the primary way most people take pictures. That means that when your customers are shopping, attending conferences, or networking, they use their phone … Read More

New Weekly TextUs Analytics Update Will Give You Insight into Your Team’s Texting

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Here at TextUs, we’re on a mission to help you and your team communicate faster. As part of that, we collect feedback to look for ways to help you manage and improve your entire team’s use of text messaging.    We’re excited to introduce the TextUs Analytics Weekly Update! Each TextUs Org. Admin will now receive a weekly summary of … Read More

New TextUs Organization-wide Text Templates and More [Product Update]

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We’re excited to announce TextUs Organization-wide Text Templates are now available, as well as a new way to manage your unanswered messages!  At TextUs, we’re always looking for new ideas for improving and developing features to make business texting work for your team. Here’s the breakdown on two of our newest features. New Organization-wide Templates With TextUs Templates your team can … Read More

How to Use TextUs Contact Tags to Send Targeted Messages [Feature Spotlight]

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Tagging contacts within the TextUs platform is one of the most effective organizational and time-saving features that TextUs has to offer, helping you create targeted messages in a fraction of the time. Translation: if you use the Contact Tags feature, you’ll have an easier time getting your work done faster. Haven’t yet explored the use of TextUs Contact Tags? Not … Read More

Deliverability Issues: Hyperlink Failure With AT&T Users

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Large numbers of users are experiencing deliverability issues having to do with the sharing of hyperlinks. Data indicates that this is an issue primarily for recipients who are AT&T users. This will especially be effecting TextUs users who have a hyperlink set up in the signature feature. If your intended recipient is an AT&T user and you have recently sent … Read More