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101 Text Message Templates for Sales and Recruiting Professionals


You’re probably a pro when it comes to using email templates and honing your email communication strategy.

But, text messaging is a different tool entirely. You want to be engaging, casual, and friendly. You want to excite your contacts, maintain professionalism, and pack in a whole lot of information — in just 140 characters.

Here are our suggestions on how to do just that. From ideas on tapping dormant candidates in recruiting to warming up leads in sales, these text templates will help you send the right message, every time.

Introducing Business Texting Playbooks

TheBusinessTexting-Playbook-StaffingRecruiting-post2.jpgSuccessful business texting is both an art and a science. It combines the finesse, charm, and simplicity of great business communication with the thoughtful outreach strategies that will help you connect and close faster. That’s why we’ve introduced our new business texting playbooks. Each playbook is an industry-specific treasure trove of texting strategies. Check them out today!

51 Text Message Templates Your HR Team Can Use Today

51-TextMessage-Templates-Hero.pngHave you noticed that your applicants and even employees take a long time to respond to your calls and emails? If they respond at all? Like you, they are inundated with messages. Each day, they probably receive dozens of phone calls and hundreds of emails.

These text messaging templates are designed specifically for HR teams. They will help you engage your employees, speed your onboarding process, and attract the attention of talented candidates. Download and share with your team!

Case Study: TalentBurst Improves Global Communication, Increases Speed of Submittals, and Achieves 91% Response Rates

TextUs-TalentBurst-CaseStudy-blogpost.jpgGlobal IT staffing firm TalentBurst has candidates, clients, and recruiters around the world. They were having trouble keeping everyone connected. They couldn’t get ahold of candidates during work hours. And they needed their sales team and recruiters in the US to remain constantly in touch with their recruiters and support staff globally.

Within just a few weeks of using TextUs, TalentBurst solved their global communication problems, accelerated their payroll process, and achieved a 91% response rate. Using TextUs for internal communication has also improved recruiter efficiency, boosted employee accountability, and encouraged greater collaboration. This case study explores how they did it.

5 HR Communication Hacks to Boost Employee Engagement

TextUs-5-HR-Communication-Hacks-to-Boost-Employee-Engagement.jpgEmployee engagement is likely at the top of your priorities list. Not only does it reliably prevent high turnover — it boosts productivity, it keeps your employees healthy, and it improves company morale.

So, is the way you communicate with your staff cultivating commitment or driving employees away? Here are 5 HR communication hacks to improve employee engagement.

Is Your Recruiting Process Turning Off Top Talent? [Infographic]

TextUs-RecruitingProcess-Infographic-post.jpgYour candidates don’t want another phone call or another email. They are already inundated, overwhelmed with all the recruiters that reach out to them in the same way, day after day.

Stop annoying candidates and start communicating the way they prefer: text messaging. It’s convenient, efficient, and it actually gets responses. We’ve teamed up with Bullhorn to create an infographic on how you can engage candidates better with the TextUs + Bullhorn Integration.

What is Business Texting?

DefinitiveGuide-BusinessTexting-Chapter-01.jpgIt’s been a decade since Americans started sending more text messages per month than phone calls. And it’s not just our personal lives that have been altered by this simple but powerful form of communication. Increasingly, businesses rely on the simplicity and convenience of text to help them get in touch with prospects more quickly, schedule meetings, move deals towards a close, and more.

And just as “business communication” is more powerful and complex than simply communicating for business, business texting is more than just texting for business. Here’s what we talk about when we talk about business texting.

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