Ready for Staffing World? 7 Sessions You Need to Attend

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Next week, October 24th – 26th, American Staffing Association’s Staffing World will bring together the brightest minds in the staffing and recruiting industry to discuss effective communication, cutting-edge trends, growth strategies, and more.

Here are the 7 events you won’t want to miss out on next week!



ASA has pulled out all the stops on the keynotes this year, and you should be grappling with some serious FOMO if you’re considering skipping them.

1. To kick the show off, Josh Linkner, who has built a thriving entrepreneurial career off of his obsession with creativity and disruptive change, will teach you why looking to the past to determine the future is a failing strategy. He’ll also give you the tools you need to foster more creativity and innovation within your staffing firm.

2. And to round things off, philanthropist, author, and entrepreneur Mick Ebeling, who literally wrote the book on making the impossible happen, will give you the tools and inspiration to help your firm conquer any challenges.

Sessions & Workshops

The bread and butter of this year’s Staffing World are the fascinating sessions. Successful leaders of staffing firms, marketing companies, and tech solutions are here to share their ideas and inspire yours. Here are two sessions you’ll want to be in the front row for:

3. The New Language of Staffing

Tuesday, October 24, 1 pm, Room E353A
It’s no secret that the staffing and recruiting industry has a communication problem. Catherine Farr and Annelies Alexander of maslansky + partners will give you data-based strategies on how to better communicate with job seekers and address their challenges. You’ll even get a handbook on the right words to use to attract top candidates.

4. Attracting, Engaging, and Retaining “A” Players
Wednesday, October 25, 1:15 pm, Booth 1206
We know that you’re top two challenges are finding qualified staffing candidates and finding A-game recruiters. Sean Ring of Innovative Employee Solutions will coach you on how to offer your employees more than just a paycheck. He’ll give you the tools to help your team feel fulfilled, genuinely happy, and energized.

Tech Park


Don’t miss out on Staffing World’s first-ever technology hub. Each day, tech experts will discuss cutting-edge trends and solutions built for to the staffing and recruiting industry. Every Staffing World participant will receive a cool TechPark radio that will allow you to tune into specific speakers, even when you’re on the go.

There are tons of sessions to watch in person or listen in on. Here are a few of our favorites:

5. Bots Won’t Take Away Your Jobs! They’ll Promote You!

Wednesday, October 25, 12:45 pm, Stage 2, TechPark Radio Channel E2
Bullhorn’s Jeff Neumann will put an end to speculation that AI is going to end recruiting. In fact, he’s going to show you why bots are going to become your new best friend.

6. Use Contractor Engagement to Grow Your Revenue

Wednesday, October 25, 1:00 pm, Stage 2, TechPark Radio Channel E2
Pankaj Jindal, co-founder of SenseHQ, will discuss how automating consultant engagement will help your firm improve retention and increase redeployment.

7. Tired of Losing Placements to the Competition? I’ll Text You the Solution!

Thursday, October 26, 1:00 pm, Stage 2, TechPark Radio Channel E2

Our own Erich Hugunin, TextUs’s VP, will show you how the fastest-growing staffing firms use text messaging to source, qualify, and close hard-to-reach candidates faster.

There you have it! The 7 can’t-miss sessions at Staffing World. What sessions are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments.

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