Case Study: TalentBurst Improves Global Communication, Increases Speed of Submittals, and Achieves 91% Response Rates

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Global IT staffing firm TalentBurst has candidates, clients, and recruiters around the world. They were having trouble keeping everyone connected. They couldn’t get ahold of candidates during work hours. And they needed their sales team and recruiters in the US to remain constantly in touch with their recruiters and support staff globally.

TalentBurst knew texting was an invaluable communication tool for quick responses. But they were concerned about the cost and potential security risk of recruiters using their own cell phones to text for the business. They decided to try TextUs, which was already integrated with their ATS, JobDiva.

Within just a few weeks of using TextUs, TalentBurst solved their global communication problems, accelerated their payroll process, and achieved a 91% response rate. Using TextUs for internal communication has also improved recruiter efficiency, boosted employee accountability, and encouraged greater collaboration.

The Challenge: TalentBurst was having trouble keeping its global candidates and recruiters connected.


TalentBurst wanted to improve their communication with candidates, clients, and staff around the world. Because of time differences, they couldn’t always reach their contacts in a timely fashion. What’s more, TalentBurst didn’t want their employees to use their private cell numbers for texting, because of the security risks and added costs that entailed. TalentBurst needed an immediate, secure, convenient way to text their global contacts using their business phone numbers.

The Solution: With TextUs, TalentBurst improved global communication, streamlined the payroll process, and achieved a 91% response rate.


TalentBurst saw impressive results within the first few weeks of using TextUs.

With TextUs, TalentBurst employees were able to reach global contacts quickly and efficiently. The company no longer had to worry about risking security breaches by using their own phones. Instead, the entire company, whether in the US, Canada, or India, could use the same business number for text messaging that they used for phone calls.


TalentBurst could also track its employees’ communications. If a recruiter was out of the office, the rest of the team was never in the dark about the status of their contacts. This provided TalentBurst’s candidates and contractors with seamless, constant communication.

TalentBurst-CaseStudy-testimonial-1.pngUsing TextUs, they also streamlined their payroll process. Like most staffing companies, TalentBurst requires detailed timesheets to process their contract workers’ pay. TalentBurst wanted to make sure that no one missed a paycheck because they missed an email. By adding text reminders to their payroll process, they heard back from employees more quickly, which enabled their payroll team to meet their timelines.

TalentBurst has found that TextUs accelerated appointment confirmations. By replacing the time-consuming back and forth of email correspondence with more immediate text messaging exchanges, they can keep their clients’ calendars filled more quickly.

TextUs has also helped TalentBurst make difficult placements. One recruiter was looking for a placement with a very specialized skillset. Though the preferred process for TalentBurst is to contact a candidate on the phone, an ideal candidate was out of the country and couldn’t connect with the recruiter by phone at all. The recruiter made the entire placement over text.


TalentBurst’s recruiters and salespeople were able to communicate better than ever with TextUs. By staying engaged with the TextUs app, both at their desk and on their phones, recruiters are easily able to answer quick questions, schedule appointments, and even place candidates without having to interrupt meetings or other work.

With employees split across different continents, TalentBurst has found that TextUs facilitates immediate back and forth between different departments seamlessly. Teams take advantage of Group Broadcasts to have real-time conversations, which has improved internal communication and strengthened teamwork.

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TextUs-TalentBurst-CaseStudy-logo.pngTalentBurst is a leading provider of contract Information Technology, Engineering, SaaS, Bio-Pharma, Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Utility and Compliance staffing solutions to over 75 Fortune 1000 corporations. We have branch locations in Boston, San Francisco, Miami, Milwaukee and international offices in Toronto, Canada, and Gurgaon, India. Through our Payroll division we are a provider of Employer Of Record (EOR), high hazard and 1099 payroll compliance solutions, currently supporting customers in US, Canada, UK, India, Chile and Singapore.

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