TextUs Music Presents “Epilogue” – Our CEO Ted Guggenheim Looks Back on the Songs That Shaped His Life in Music and Tech

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We’re excited to share our next installment of TextUs Music with you to give you a listen into the songs that keep us motivated. This playlist, “Epilogue,” was curated by TextUs CEO Ted Guggenheim, who founded TextUs after a long career in the music industry.


By Ted Guggenheim, CEO of TextUs

As the oldest member of the TextUs tribe (by quite a few years), my musical influences are quite a bit different than most of my team. My setlist is heavily influenced by the 15+ years I spent in the music business as an artist manager, booking agent, and concert promoter before I migrated to technology.

This may seem like a leap, but my experience in the music industry is part of the TextUs vibe — I set out to create a company that was a little rebellious, one that rejected the idea that business communication had to be stuffy, formal, and, let’s face it, pretty boring. You might say our ‘keep it real’ motto came out of a lot of the music on this list.

Some of the artists here I worked directly with during my tenure in the music industry — The Samples, Dave Matthews Band, and Sting. It was a true pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with these fine artists, and I am happy to share some of my favorite songs of theirs with you.

The other songs I have selected were seminal tracks for me. They’ve remained on my playlists for decades. I hope you enjoy them!

You can listen to the “Epilogue” playlist on Spotify. And stay tuned to the TextUs Records channel on Spotify for future playlists!

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