How TextUs Voice Helps You Stop Wasting Time on Digital Paperwork

Nate BishopTextUs Voice

In many ways, we live in the golden era of technological innovation. And nine times out of ten, the point of all of our exciting new tools is to save us time and energy.

We have these smartphones in our pockets to connect more quickly and easily to the people we love and the services we need.

We moved to digital banking to avoid the drive to the bank and the wait at the ATM.

And we adopted CRMs to prevent the time-consuming process of manually tracking outreach.

But, sometimes old habits die hard. And when we adopt new digital solutions, we don’t automatically adopt new ways of working.

You likely see it all the time: maybe your team doesn’t use templates and instead writes the same email over and over and over again, just as they might have done with letters.

Perhaps, instead of using your digital calendar tools, they still play phone and email tag to set up appointments, just like they’ve always done.

And maybe you are struggling with one of the most common ways teams apply old ways of working to new technology: relying on time-consuming manual data entry to keep their CRM up to date, just like when they had to rely on spreadsheets.

That’s part of why we developed TextUs Voice — to put an end to manual call tracking and to move the phone call into the 21st century.

Here’s how.

Automatically track calls to eliminate digital paperwork.

Manual call tracking isn’t just inefficient — it’s unreliable, too. Your team may get a few calls in a row and forget to log the first. And, if they’re deeply engaged in their conversations like you hope they are, they may have trouble tracking call time.

TextUs Voice automatically tracks your calls in your CRM or ATS, saving your team the hassle of manual entry. Just as you log emails and text messages in customer profiles, you’ll now have an accurate record of all your team’s calls.

Everything gets logged, no matter how you pick up.

Whether you answer on your text-enabled business line or via your company mobile, all your TextUs Voice communication is logged. Even if your team is on the go, you’ll keep a clear picture of all customer communication.

Spend time selling, not filing.

You hired your team for their sales prowess, not for their data entry skills. Make the most of your sales team by freeing up their time to close rather than saddling them with extra digital paperwork.

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