Boost Your Team’s Productivity by 10x Using a Real-Time Communication Workflow with TextUs Click-to-Call

You’ve likely noticed the major sea change in the way we communicate in the past few years.

Your cold calls go unanswered. You’ve stopped answering calls from people you don’t know. 

You don’t even call your friends and family without texting to make sure it’s a convenient time to talk.

The on-demand economy, an always-on society, and the rise of text messaging have all changed the way we use the phone.

That’s why we introduced TextUs Click-to-Call to help you meet your audience where they are (their phones), connect the way they need (real-time conversations), and phone them when they’re ready to talk.

And that’s why we’ve built out the one simple workflow you need to start texting to warm up your contacts and then instantly click-to-call them. 

You can dramatically speed up your team’s communication by enabling them to call and text directly from their computer using their business phone number. 

This workflow can reduce time wasted logging phone calls and boost your team’s productivity by 10x. Here’s how it works.

Text and Click-to-Call in One Powerful Real-time Communication Workflow

Step 1: Send conversational text messages from your business number

When each of your team member’s business phone numbers is text-enabled, they can communicate the way your audience wants. They can send casual, friendly, personalized text campaigns from the same phone number they use for phone calls. 

From your customer’s point of view, you’ve given them another easy way to reach out to you. And one of their favorites (it’s why 23 billion texts are sent every day).

From your team’s point of view, being able to text from their business number keeps their outreach, their signature, and their communication management that much simpler.

Step 2: Start real-time conversations

Once your team starts texting, they’ll be kicking off real-time conversations that don’t just close deals — they build relationships.

Relationships, not transactions, are what will make your team succeed. 

What’s more, these conversations can be fielded from your team’s computer, from their CRM or ATS platform, or from their mobile devices. 

That means that no matter what your team is doing, they can easily take a moment to send a quick text to keep the relationship going. 

And, no matter where they respond from, all outreach will be logged and tracked in your CRM or ATS.

Step 3: Instantly click-to-call from your text window and your CRM/ATS

Once the relationship has gotten more serious, your team can instantly call to connect with your contacts from their computer or CRM/ATS. 

With a simple click from the text window or from the contact record, your team can place calls directly to the same contacts they were texting with. 

Introducing TextUs Click-to-Call

Moving contacts from prospect to customer is now as easy as clicking.

And, just like with text interactions, your team will eliminate wasted time by automatically tracking calls. 

This will help you accurately gauge your team’s success in meeting outreach quotas, too.

Learn more about TextUs Click-to-Call and how to upgrade to a real-time communication workflow to boost your team’s productivity by 10x.

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