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The Business Texting Playbook for Sales


As a sales leader, you know how hard it is to get people’s attention. You’re competing for a constantly dwindling resource – not your audience’s money or space or time, but their attention. Even when you have perfect product-market fit and know that your leads want the solutions you offer, you have to beat out your competitor’s subject lines, Facebook posts of cute babies, and your prospect’s urgent to-do list to get a little face time (or screen time).

But, while everyone and their mother’s startup is using email and phone to get in touch with your prospects, you’re looking for another way. That’s why you’re here. Perhaps you have a sense that — even though text is quickly becoming people’s preferred mode of contact over phone and email — most companies aren’t taking full advantage of business texting.

Now is your chance. In a constantly distracted world and a teeming consumer world, there’s still one uncrowded but accessible space that allows you to connect with leads, show off your value, and get engaged responses: business text messaging. In fact, while email and voicemail have single digit response rates, text messaging has a 98% read rate and a 35% to 45% response rate.

Here’s how to tailor your texting strategy to your sales team’s goals, get your prospects’ attention, and close deals faster.

Cold touch

The very beginning of your outreach to a new contact or potential customer can set the tone of your entire relationship. If you make a misstep, they may reject communication from you in the future. So, it’s crucial to send a thoughtful, valuable cold text that sets your company apart from the mass messengers and spammers. This builds trust and establishes you as a source of info they actually want to get.

Warm touch

Once you’ve established a bit of rapport with a contact, text is ideal for nurturing their interest in you.


In sales, you know how important it is just to build a good connection. If every single touchpoint is geared towards closing a deal, your customers and prospects may get fatigued. Instead, break up sales-focused messages with some texts that just wish your audience well.

Appointment setting

To nail that sale, you usually need to take things off of text and move to phone or face-to-face conversations. But text is an easy, unobtrusive way to get a date and time on the calendar.

Quick follow-up

Sometimes a sale hinges on one small piece of information or a simple yes or no. But, though the information can be encapsulated in a single sentence, you still may waste a lot of time on unanswered emails and unwelcome phone calls trying to get those few words. Text is perfect for this kind of interaction and can save you and your team hours.

Group broadcasts

You want your sales touches to be personalized, targeted, and meaningful for your audience. That doesn’t mean sending individual messages, though, to hundreds of people. With the right text messaging platform, you can send personalized Group broadcasts to many contacts at once. This can save your team even more time. This function is also useful for internal communication.

Free trial texts

The free trial period is a delicate one. You’ve gotten a prospect this far and you want to make sure they are impressed both with your offerings and with the customer experience you create. Text messaging can create another point of contact to help contacts onboard a service, ensure they are enjoying their trial,and keep them engaged throughout.

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