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Capstone Collegiate Communities Closes Deals Faster with TextUs

Business Texting Case Study for Property Management


Jen Wilson

SVP of Marketing and Leasing

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Capstone Collegiate Communities (C3) is committed to providing high-quality housing to college students around the country. 

“Email is ancient.” That’s the opinion of college students these days, and it’s why C3 went looking for a better way to communicate with their core clientele.

By adopting TextUs, C3 was able to get ahold of students faster, keep students engaged throughout the lease process, and close deals more quickly. 

C3 was having trouble getting their students on the phone — and they weren’t succeeding with email. Their customer is primarily college students. “For them, email is ancient. And when it comes to talking on the phone, our students just won’t do it. They only communicate via text,” said Jen Wilson, SVP of Marketing and Leasing.

Because text was the only channel of communication that was getting through, agents started using their own cell phones to text their contacts. But this strategy was riddled with problems. Outreach was slow and inconsistent. It was difficult to keep track of messaging and impossible to have any transparency into interaction with customers. 

C3 tried TextUs on the recommendation of an employee who had used it before, and they’ve never looked back. “We started with just one community. As soon as we saw the power of TextUs, we signed up all our communities around the country.” 

Here’s why.


1. Speeds up the sales process


“TextUs is our main point of contact with our students,” said Wilson.

With TextUs, C3 uses text messaging to nurture students throughout the entire leasing process. “Whenever we get anyone’s information, we get consent to text them. We text immediately when leads first come in.”

‘Hey, we received your web request. Would you like to schedule a time to come in and tour?’ 

“After the tour, we send them a photo over text message and thank them for touring the specific property. It’s something different and it helps them remember the properties, so we stand out.”


2. Reaches out the way students prefer


“When you text, you’re allowing people to respond the way they want to.”

C3 has found that TextUs meets students where they are. This often produces better outcomes than trying to force a phone call. 

“If you call and interrupt someone’s day to ask if they’re still interested in our community, you might get a ‘no’ — even if they are interested — just to get you off the phone. With text, you give people time to respond. They won’t give you ‘no’ just because they’re caught off guard.” 


3. Increases engagement with students


Throughout the lease process, staff is available over text message to answer questions students may have. 

“Our staff can use the app to respond to questions as they come up — without being tied to their desk.”

C3 also uses text touches to communicate with residents, about rent, maintenance alerts, and other regular needs. “The students respond really quickly to these messages, too — it makes it easier to schedule maintenance, keep balances paid, and make sure properties are running smoothly.”


4. Adds insight into the sales process


“TextUs tracks what each staff member is saying to a prospect or a resident, and it logs it all in one location. It increases transparency throughout the sales process.”

When C3 was using individual cell phones for texting, their sales process was a black box. Leadership didn’t have insight into messaging, frequency of contact, or other indicators to keep tabs on the health of the sales process. 

“TextUs helps us strengthen our brand by ensuring that our staff is consistent, friendly, and on-message in all of their outreach to students.” 


5. Relies on a true partner


With TextUs, the customer service is impeccable. As the size and needs of their communities are often in flux, C3 needs a flexible provider willing to scale their account up or downsize often. 


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About Capstone Collegiate Communities

Founded in 2012, Capstone Collegiate Communities, LLC, also known as “C3”, specializes in the development, construction, and management of high-quality, off-campus student housing developments in close proximity to major colleges and universities across the country.

C3 has developed 58 communities representing more than 37,000 beds and $1.8 billion in development costs.

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