Nomadicare Adds Personality to Their Communication with TextUs Business Text Messaging


“TextUs changed the way we get to follow up and work with our tribe of travelers!“

“The scheduling and layout function helps us be consistent with our follow up and communication. We love adding personality (Gifs and pictures) to our workflow! It’s a fun, quick and easy way to chat with our travelers at their convenience which we all love!“

“TextUs helps us give our travelers their great recruiter matches faster and (more importantly) we are able to confirm with the recruiters on where they have job locations before we make the match which has increased the quality of the matching by a lot!”

It transformed our communication and we love it! It’s the #1 way we chat with our travelers now! I can’t image Nomadicare life without it now 🙂


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Healthcare Staffing


Laura Latimer

Founder at Nomadicare



We teach and empower travel nurses, travel therapists and radiologists to live their dream and show them how. We interview recruiters to try to get on my list of "traveler approved recruiters"​ and will match them with a travel nurse or therapist that wants a recruiter they can trust. We educate and train recruiters on the travelers'​ perspective, and how transparency and kindness are actually the new "sales"​.

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