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“35% of our candidates are from responses on TextUs, that lead to phone calls then to placements. TextUs is by far more successful that email marketing and from job postings.
Yes, we get responses within a mere 3 minutes at the max, versus emails can be hours later, at the leisure of the candidate.


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Teddy Furlow

Founder and Principal Recruiter at The Talent Society



It’s About the People The world continues to get smaller – we’re connected anywhere we go, endless information is a click away, the knowledge in the Library of Congress can be put on a jump drive. So what’s staying the same? At the Talent Society it’s the interpersonal, direct contact with a trusted advisor. We’re experts in the medical staffing industry and truly understand our client’s needs. We Are the Talent Society Our passion is to make a difference in the physician staffing market by helping our clients make the best decision based on the available talent. With over 10 years of experience we conduct searches with a personal, interactive and, highly targeted approach to all placement needs.

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