State of Healthcare

Recruiting for healthcare in 2022? Here are strategies to implement in order to be resilient, innovate, and build trust in the industry.

Texting in 2021

We dug into our best performing content of 2021.  Here is our top 10 incase you missed something and what we think will carry over into the new year!

Quit Texting From Your Personal Phone

The evolution of cell phones, texting, and technology capabilities has changed the way in which we communicate, but not the desire to be quick and efficient.

Is Your Holiday Retail Hiring Complete?

In an industry that is being pinched from labor shortages and large demand, retailers can turn to texting to help ease the pain.  We have seen our retail customers use texting to help recruit and hire their employees (both seasonal and full-time), but they also use TextUs to simplify the onboarding and training process.  

TextUs Launches Workday® Integration

TextUs announces integration with Workday, allowing its industry-leading text messaging platform to be used in seamless fashion with the Workday application.

Shoot Me a Text: How Market Leaders are Winning the War on Voicemails

We looked into the TextUs platform to find out how some industries are winning the war on voicemails by sending texts instead. While there are some differences by industry, the biggest takeaway is knowing your audience and whether you are communicating with customers or employees.  Internal and external communications may impact your texting strategy.