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With two-way text messaging you can increase customer satisfaction instantly by communicating how your customers communicate. And with a more than 800% increase in response rates, your customer service reps can reduce incoming calls to improve productivity.

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Texting Benefits

  • Improve customer satisfaction instantly
  • Get responses within minutes
  • Communicate how your customers communicate
  • Differentiate your brand with a more convenient communication tool
  • Increase customer service representative productivity
  • Text from your computer on your landline
  • Track all text messages from your company

“We can take a phone call and send a message at the same time. If someone has a quick question and only has a minute to talk, this gives them a way to do it.”

– Drew Harding, Trusted Nurse Staffing

Texting Enable Your Business Phone Number

This is not like the text messaging technology you’re used to. With TextUs you can text any client directly from your work landline and communicate on your computer just like you’re used to with instant messaging.

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