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8 Data-Driven Hacks to Get People to Respond to Your Business Text Message

Scientific Hacks to Improve Your Business Texting Conversions

Business texting, like any communication, is a psychological art. Use these science-driven tips to get fast, meaningful responses from your best prospects.

1. Send at different times throughout the day

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that controls the brain’s reward centers. Texting has been shown to light up dopamine centers- and dopamine thrives on unpredictability. Don’t get into a routine. Switch up when you text your prospect.

2. Respond quickly to avoid information overload

Your prospects are drowning in information, so respond before they forget you. And there’s a sneakier effect: studies have shown when you send a fast response, your prospect feels less busy and more on top of their workload. Bonus!

3. Stay warm by using casual punctuation

Formal punctuation undermines the authenticity of your message. In other words, watch where you add periods, which can feel like cold full-stops. Check out these response examples:

Thanks. Let’s set up a call tomorrow at 3pm. I’ll send you the link to our Business Texting guide before we talk.

Compare this to the more informal, friendlier punctuation:

Thanks! Let’s set up a call tomorrow at 3pm – and I’ll send you the link to our Business Texting guide before we talk

4. Use emojis

Prospects are more likely to respond when they see something familiar – like a smiling face or a friendly wave. Used thoughtfully, emojis make your messages friendly and approachable.

5. Mirror your prospect

Pay close attention to your prospect’s texting style and match it if you can. Called the chameleon effect, mirroring creates trust and warmth.

For example, if your prospect takes a formal tone, you should too:

Prospect: Yes, I would be interested in setting up a meeting. Please tell me when you’re available.
You: Thanks for the response! I’m available any time between 3pm and 5pm.

If they’re casual and low key – match them.

Prospect: Yeah!! I’d def love to connect. Will you check in tom w/ me? Thx!!
You: Totally! Made a note to txt you tom morning. Looking forward to it!

6. Start questions with the 5 Ws

Who, what, why, where, and the honorary W, how. Journalist Evan Ratliff discovered he received more meaningful answers when he avoided questions starting with the words “would, should, is, are” and “do you think.”

Instead of:

Should we set up a meeting tomorrow?


What time would you like to meet?

7. Use plain language

Text clear, specific information.

Texts are brief. No need for impressive vocabulary. Use plain, third-grade level language to keep prospects from glazing over your message before they’ve even read it.

8. Remember to tell them who you are

Might seem obvious, but introductions are often lost in texts. Tell your prospects who you are to punch up your warm touch.

A great introduction text might sound like:

Hi, this is Eve from TextUs, a business text messaging software. We met at the trade show last month.

Want more on how to send texts that build relationships? Check out our post on writing conversational text messages.

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