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How to Use Text Messaging to Nurture Placed Candidates

Now that we’ve discussed how to use text messaging to promote job postings and to qualify potential candidates, I want to showcase how you can use text messaging to nurture your relationships with candidates you’ve already placed.

This method for using texting conversationally will keep you top-of-mind when candidates are looking for new opportunities or want to make referrals. After all, friends communicate by text — it’s how your candidates likely stay close to the people who matter to them most. Using the communication channel your candidates already love can help you build strong relationships with them.

Texting friendly reminders is a great way to help your placed candidates feel supported. Remind them about submitting their hours, turning in their timesheets, or confirming their shifts. For employees who submit hours weekly or monthly, you can schedule these text reminders ahead of time.

SelectGroup uses this tactic with all of their consultants. They send a simple, friendly message, like, “Hey {{contact.first_name}}, don’t forget to submit your hours. Thanks”

For recurring messages to a group of placed candidates, send a group broadcast message. When a candidate responds, it creates a one-to-one conversations and saves recruiter time over sending individual messages. Group broadcasts also great for confirming shift coverage or reminders of upcoming shifts they have. When people are working, answering the phone is not always an option, so sending info over text is an effective timesaver for your candidates, too.

You can also text just to check in, to see how a position is going, and to make sure candidates are happy with their placement. It’s especially crucial to keep placed candidates in the loop when their position is coming to an end, so you can set them up with their next opportunity.

PeopleLink uses texts to build relationships with candidates by sending single-question text surveys. They also use texting to promote contests, to boost referral programs, and to re-engage candidates with career tips and other info.

We hope this gives you more ideas on how to take advantage of text messaging throughout your candidates’ journey. Let us know in the comments how you use texting to engage placed candidates — or text us at 303-442-3223.

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