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How to Use TextUs Contact Tags to Send Targeted Messages [Feature Spotlight]

Tagging contacts within the TextUs platform is one of the most effective organizational and time-saving features that TextUs has to offer, helping you create targeted messages in a fraction of the time. Translation: if you use the Contact Tags feature, you’ll have an easier time getting your work done faster.

Haven’t yet explored the use of TextUs Contact Tags? Not to worry, we’re happy to tell you everything you’ll need to know to get started.

Tagging contacts in TextUs allows you to sort and identify contacts for creating groups. When you need to send out a text to a large volume of contacts (a Group Broadcast), it will be helpful to have already marked many of your contacts with Tags, to allow you to search for them with ease. Using Tags strategically is the best way to make small, targeted Group Broadcasts that will achieve the highest response rate.

Each contact can have up to 20 unique Tags associated with it, to allow for a contact to appear in multiple specific searches if need be. In the TextUs system, you use the word “AND” to combine searched Tags. This is useful because you may want to search by a contact’s job type AND their location.

For example, perhaps you want to find contacts who are in sales, AND who are based in California. In this instance, you would type “sales AND california” into your search window, as shown below:

Of course, you can always remove Tags once they’ve been created, as well as giving a contact additional Tags on an individual basis. This can be done by clicking on the Contact Info button, and selecting Edit Tags:

And now, you are able to see existing Tags, add new Tags, or remove old ones:

By clicking on the small arrow on the right of the Add/Select Tag(s) field, you will open a dropdown menu which will show you any tags you have used before.

You can also add Contact Tags to your Spreadsheet Uploads. Simply add a column with up to 20 comma separted Tags like the example below:

And there you have it! By using Tags as you create contacts, you will unlock the ability to streamline your future Group Broadcast process, as well as keeping your contacts least orderly and easily-searchable.

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