How to Quickly Send Personalized Group Broadcast Text Messages from Bullhorn with TextUs

As recruiters and salespeople, we spend tons of time and energy reaching out to our candidates and leads.

But, in an era of fake news and constant spam, your contacts can spot impersonal outreach from a mile away. We need a new, more efficient and personal way to reach out to our contacts.  

With TextUs and Bullhorn, you can cut through the noise and get ahold of your contacts with personalized group broadcast texts, all without leaving your Bullhorn workflow.

We’ve created this simple guide on how to import Bullhorn contacts, craft the right outreach, and send conversational text messages that your contacts will respond to.

Step 1:  Import a Bullhorn Contact List or Tearsheet into TextUs

You can easily import your Bullhorn contacts into a TextUs with the steps below:

1. Access a Bullhorn Candidate List, Contact List, or Tearsheet

2. Import contacts from Bullhorn with the TextUs Chrome Extension

3. Save your contacts into a TextUs Group


Tip: TextUs will automatically reverse lookup the number and mark it as a mobile or landline number (the number field within BH does not matter). 

Step 2: Draft your personalized TextUs Broadcast message

When drafting your TextUs Broadcast message, keep in mind these four main ingredients for valuable outreach:

1. Start with a personalized greeting. Since you’re creating one-on-one conversations with each contact, be sure to address them by their first names.

2. Identify yourself, either within the message content or in your signature, and include a friendly sign-off.

3. Get right to the point. You want your contacts to know why you’re getting in touch with them right away — it’ll grab their attention and keep their interest.

4. Ask a follow-up question. This will get the conversation going and give your contacts a clear reason to respond to you.

Tip: Group Broadcasts are great for job postings, finding shift coverage, launching re-engagement campaigns, and more.


Step 3: Send Broadcasts and engage responses without leaving your Bullhorn workflow

You can send your TextUs Group Broadcast immediately or schedule it for up to a year in advance. To schedule, use the calendar dropdown to pick a date and time for future delivery. Once you click on the orange Calendar icon, your message will be scheduled at the date and time selected.


Unlike the group texts you’re used to, when you send TextUs Group Broadcast messages, you create one-to-one, real-time conversations with each contact. This keeps all messages confidential between you and the contact and allows you to personalize messages to hundreds of contacts seamlessly.

Tip: You can view all your Scheduled Messages within the Calendar icon tab. If you have second thoughts, this is where you can delete your messages before they go out.

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