Inside TextUs: August 2021 Product Updates

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New Features in the Slideout Extension

In the Slideout extension, you can now:

  • Add your signature and emojis to a message 😃
  • Use Find Numbers on the Salesforce Lead page
  • Close and reopen conversations
  • Create a recurring campaign in the Web App with contacts imported through the Slideout

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Changes to the Extension:

“Find Numbers in Popout” will open the popout extension. We understand some users are still using the popout so we have added back the ability to open the popout when pulling in contacts.

This guide will walk you through using the popout extension.

Thinking of changing phone providers?

Changing phone providers will almost always result in downtime in texting. Let your Account Manger or know a few days in advance if you have plans to change providers. We can work with you and your phone provider to minimize any downtime.

Status Updates

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Check out our Help Center for answers to many of your TextUs questions.

Happy Texting!
-Team TextUs

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