Inside TextUs: October 2021 Product Updates

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New Features in the Slideout Extension

In addition to planning the perfect pet costumes, we’ve also spent this month adding more of your favorite features from the web app to the chrome extension.

In versions 3 and 3.1 of the Slideout extension, you now have the ability to:

  • Schedule individual messages – After writing your message, click on the calendar icon to schedule it for later.

  • Personalize Messages – Build a relationship with your contacts while improving response rates.
  • Monitor your message quality – We will let you know if your message is not following best practices and give you the specific reason why it is likely to get blocked.

And the most anticipated…
(🥁 drumroll please 🥁)

  • Move the tab as needed – Click and drag to move the tab anywhere on the right side of your screen.

Status Updates

If you would like to subscribe to receive platform performance information, please visit and hit subscribe.

Check out our Help Center for answers to many of your TextUs questions.

Happy Texting!
-Team TextUs

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