Introducing Nate Bishop, TextUs’s New VP of Sales

It’d be tricky to list all of the myriad reasons why we’re pumped to have Nate join our team, so here are just three:

He’s a team builder. Nate has been igniting, managing, and coaching fast-growing sales teams for over a decade.

“What’s unique about the TextUs team is that our sales reps are also our account managers,” says Nate. “A lot of companies have separate hunters and farmers, and the downside of that model is that you lose a lot of the rapport that’s built throughout the sales process. The TextUs team stays with their clients for life.”

He’s client-focused. Nate is passionate about helping clients identify current problems or anticipate future challenges that aren’t on their radar.

“We don’t come in and change your workflow,” Nate says. “We want to understand, how do we fit into your existing workflow? What kind of impact can we have on your ability to power up and scale your business?”

His experience can help TextUs evolve. Nate’s time at Bullhorn gives him deep insight into the unique needs of the staffing and recruiting industry.

“Recruiters are naturally busy people. TextUs allows them to get a quick yes or no, which helps them to be more efficient with their time,” said Nate. “Rather than wasting time on candidates who aren’t engaged, recruiters can focus on the talent who’s the best fit for the job.”

It was through his work at Bullhorn that Nate discovered TextUs, and immediately, he got our vision for creating tools that help people start conversations:

“When I first heard about the TextUs software, I could envision the future of staffing,” said Nate. “I knew that texting would become increasingly relevant in people-driven businesses like recruiting. I’m super-excited to join the TextUs sales team! My goal is to help TextUs continue to establish great partnerships and create win-win outcomes for all of our clients.”

As TextUs looks to the future, we couldn’t be happier to have Nate with us for the ride.

Want to join us in welcoming Nate to TextUs? Send him a text to say congrats at: 603-841-3818

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