Introducing TextUs Voice – The Next Wave in Business Communication is Here

There is a major shift happening in business communication right now. Your business is no longer in control of the conversation — the customer is.

We can all order anything online, instantly get a ride, access all the entertainment and information that we want, on-demand and on our phones. This means that the power to make the decisions that drive business is literally in our pockets.

But, when it comes to business conversations, most companies are still acting as though the ball is in their court. We’re still using a business-first approach instead of a putting the customer first.

The old cold call is a classic business-first approach — putting business needs in front of the customer and expecting them to stop what they’re doing and talk to you.

As recruiters and salespeople, we spend an enormous amount of time and energy reaching out to our candidates and leads. And, in an era of robo-calls and constant spam, your contacts can spot BS from a mile away. Poorly written and automated emails get deleted and cold calls from unknown numbers are ignored.

We don’t even cold call our friends anymore, so why would we cold call our customers?

Think about it. Even with your friends, you shoot them a quick text and say “Hey! Let me know when you have 15 mins to chat?” This puts them in control. They respond when they can and let you know when it’s best to start a conversation.

By bringing conversational text messaging and cloud voice software together, you can build relationships on your customer’s terms.


The New Real-Time Communication Workflow, on the Customers Terms

We’re launching TextUs Voice to help you keep the customer front and center. Now you’ll be able to use conversational texting and cloud voice software together to warm up contacts faster and build better relationships.


TextUs Voice upgrades your existing voice service and turns your phone numbers into a powerful real-time communication platform. The faster communication workflow with fewer clicks will make your team more productive and your contacts more engaged.


Now you can instantly click-to-call contacts from any TextUs account, replace your expensive VoIP or landline service with an all-in-one cloud communication solution, and automatically log both calls and texts in your CRM or ATS.

Other benefits include:

    • Get ahold of your audience 10x faster with integrated texting and voice
    • Manage 100s of conversations with ease
    • Eliminate wasted time by tracking calls and texts automatically
    • Scale quickly and get new hires and offices set up with ease
    • Securely store all of your business communications in your CRM or ATS
    • Make and track calls from your business phone number on personal cell phones
    • Keep all personal and business communications separate

Move seamlessly from text to phone call with click-to-call

Use the TextUs conversational text messaging approach to warm up contacts instead of going straight to a cold call. Once you’ve connected with your contact, instantly click-to-call from your TextUs web-app or Chrome extension.

Boost productivity with improved communication workflows

Empower your team to connect faster and keep your customers happier with a better communication workflow.

Eliminate wasted time on manual data entry with automated call tracking

Save time over manual input with automatic call and text tracking. Accurately gauge your team’s success in meeting outreach quotas.

With TextUs Voice, you can personalize your outreach, prove you’re human, and drive the real conversations that grow your business.

Check out TextUs Voice here, or call or text us at 303-442-3223 to chat about TextUs Voice for your business.

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