TextUs for Talent Rover

Integrate TextUs business texting with Talent Rover


TextUs for Talent Rover enhances your CRM experience with integrated business-class text messaging, improving workforce productivity, increasing communication efficiency, and enhancing customer engagement.

This integration enables recruiters and staffing professionals to send and receive real-time, two-way text messages from Talent Rover using the TextUs platform. It also allows the text messages to be recorded in the candidate records of the Talent Rover applicant tracking system. As part of the partnership, all Talent Rover customers will receive preferred pricing from TextUs.

About Talent Rover

Throughout their 30 years of “on the desk” experience, Talent Rover by Bullhorn founders Kent Gray and Brandon Metcalf worked with more than a dozen systems – and found them all to be incomplete, ineffective, or just downright unusable. None of the limited technology options available were designed to meet the unique demands of a complex staffing and recruitment workflow. As a result, teams were left with single-function tools that kept them disconnected and make-shift solutions that solved one problem but created several others.

About TextUs

TextUs is the only business-class two-way text messaging technology built specifically for inside sales, staffing, and recruiting teams. TextUs is dramatically changing how professionals communicate with their candidates, leads, and opportunities. With eight times the response rate of traditional communication channels, TextUs empowers salespeople and recruiters to sell smarter and faster.

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