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Integrate TextUs business texting with Workday®.



The TextUs integration for Workday® brings the leading text messaging platform to the leading HRIS in the market. 

Talent acquisition and HR teams can seamlessly integrate texting into their daily process within Workday and see increases in candidate and employee engagement with the real time communication timeline that text messaging provides.



The TextUs Chrome extension supports Workday® pages with contact information, such as a candidate or employee record, and will allow for direct texting right from our easy-to-use slideout.

Seamless data transfer is then recorded on the contact record in a custom object field, by logging conversations and messages back into Workday® via API.


✅  Adds texting as a communications channel for Workday® users, providing the benefit of higher engagement as texting sees up to 10x the response rate of email or voice.

✅  Saves time by reducing manual contact creation and the need to import information from Workday® to TextUs.

✅  Users will enjoy a better, more seamless user experience within Workday® as they will have a full record of text communications directly on the contact records within the Workday® platform.


About TextUs

TextUs is the leading conversational texting platform that enables organizations to have engaging real-time conversations with customers, candidates, leads and employees.  TextUs integrates with several applicant tracking systems (ATS) and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, making texting an easy and seamless extension of current business systems. With a 98% read rate and up to 45% response rates, TextUs delivers business-class text messaging combined with automated campaign features to connect businesses with their customers in real time.

TextUs is not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by Workday®.

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