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Powerful business texting features to help your team get ahold of candidates and communicate faster.

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Business Texting for erecruit

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Send and receive text messages in real-time with TextUs directly from your erecruit workflow.

Business Texting Features for erecruit

Powerful business texting features
to help your team communicate faster


Merge contact names into Message Templates

Create your own custom message templates including our name merge tool to quickly send personalized job opportunities to your candidates.


Communicate the way people do

Tired of waiting for returned emails and phone calls? Start texting and get a response.


Track and record all texting in erecruit candidate profiles

The TextUs for erecruit integration will record all of your text message conversations in each candidate record.

“We know that effective communication is at the heart of every our staffing and recruiting ATS. erecruit is extremely pleased to have TextUs integrate two-way text messaging from into our software because we know it will help our clients realize even higher levels of performance, productivity, and profitability from our software.”

Tim Quirk, VP of Enterprise Sales at erecruit

About erecruit

erecruit is the leading innovator in enterprise staffing software, VMS and onboarding solutions for large staffing firms and employers. erecruit uses modern, standards-based technologies to provide highly scalable and configurable solutions that allow today’s best firms to put their clients, candidates and vendors at the heart of their businesses. To learn more visit

About TextUs

TextUs is the only business-class text messaging software built specifically for inside sales, staffing, and recruiting teams. TextUs is dramatically changing how professionals communicate with their candidates, leads, and opportunities. With eight times the response rate of traditional communication channels, TextUs empowers salespeople and recruiters to sell smarter and faster.

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