101 Text Message Templates for Sales and Recruiting Professionals

You’re probably a pro when it comes to using email templates and honing your email communication strategy. But, text messaging is a different tool entirely. You want to be engaging, casual, and friendly. You want to engage your contacts, maintain professionalism, and pack in a whole lot of information — in just 140 characters.

Here are our suggestions on how to do just that. From ideas on tapping dormant candidates in recruiting to warming up leads in sales, these text templates will help you send the right message, every time.


Text Message Templates for Sales

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Introducing Text Messaging

Guidelines: Introduce your audience to text touches.


Hi Bo, Erich from Acme Co. We’ve added a texting platform as a quick, easy way to keep in touch with our customers. Is texting good for you?


Hey Sally, we’ve partnered with TextUs, a business-class texting platform, to bring you quick, confidential texting. Is this your best number to text?


Wesley, Sam from Acme – we’re wagering you love to text as much as the next guy and we’re excited to announce our sales team is now just a text away.


Mr. Grant, just wanted to announce that Acme is available by text now. Any quick questions, appt scheduling, or info requests – just send a text to our business number.


Hey Teddy! Ask and you shall receive — text me to your heart’s delight at this number. My response time is pretty impressive 🙂


Cold touch

Guidelines: Deliver value and introduce yourself.


[Text 1] Hi John, this is Erich from Acme. I’m reaching out because I wanted to make sure you saw this post on how to improve your web reach: tinyurl.com/website


[Text 2, if no response to Text 1] Realize you’re busy, just wanted to make sure you got my last text. I think this report could help you boost your web traffic: tinyurl.com/website


Hey Zamora, came across your website and think this eBook could really help you with prospecting leads: tinyurl.com/ebook


[Text 1] Hi, Ty here from Acme, just shooting you a text because lots of folks are asking about AI lately and thought you might be curious in learning more.


[Text 2] Here’s an article on boosting efficiency with a bot: tinyurl.com/bot


Sam, curious how Acme outperforms Emca? Check out this case study we did with 150 top execs just like you. tinyurl.com/Emca


Tara, this is Erich from Acme. Our look at 2017 CRM trends is live! Thought you might want to look into the future with us. tinyurl.com/crm


Warm touch

Guidelines: Be friendly, introduce yourself, and use a call-to-action.


[Text 1] Lucy, thanks for downloading our benchmarking report! Are you available for 5 mins at 2 or 3 today to discuss the results? — Erich from TextUs


[Text 2, if no response to Text1] Realize you’re busy, wanted to make sure you got my last text about our benchmarking report. Are you free at 2 pm to connect?


Gabby – saw on FB that you’re looking for a website designer. Let’s find a few minutes to chat about cutting-edge design options.


Babs, your website is enticing but missing a few crucial lead gen pieces. Are you available at 1 or 2 pm Wed or Fri to chat about quick fixes?


Hi Raul, saw in Forbes you want to boost annual growth by 30%. We recently helped TRN do just that. Are you available to chat tomorrow at 2 or 3?


Your Ted Talk on reporting was amazing. I have an idea on taking your analytics to the next level. What’s the easiest way to get 10 mins on your calendar?


Saw you’re active on Snapchat – a few of our customers have been more successful with our new platform. Can I call you in 30 mins to discuss?


Julie – loved your recent article on how social media is changing – I’d love to chat about it – are you free Fri. or Thurs. at 2 or 3?



Guidelines: Reach out when you don’t need to ask for anything to build relationships.


Noticed your new role on LinkedIn and simply wanted to say congrats! Hope you’re having a great day. – Erich, Acme


Happy birthday, Wendy! Here’s a 15% coupon for anything in our store. Have a fun day!


Happy New Year, Lena! Looking forward to another exciting year working with you!


Hey Phil, saw in the NYT that you had a record-breaking year. Congratulations! We’re happy to have such successful clients. 🙂


Hey, how did your Inbound presentation go? Word on the street is you knocked it out of the park.



Guidelines: Provide details about opportunities with specific times to follow up more substantively.


Hey, do you have 10 minutes Thursday or Friday afternoon at 2 or 3 to talk about your upcoming plan upgrade?


Hey Fred, it was great talking to you today! Let’s touch base next week to follow up on our sales plan. How is Wed at 3 or 4?


Happy Friday! Can I give you a call Monday morning with a hot branding opportunity I think would be perfect for you?


Hey Lee, how is it going? Can we schedule a time to talk this week about a possible partnership?


Quick follow-ups

Guidelines: Ask for info and get a quick response over text.


Fabio – what was that website that you mentioned? I’d love to pass it on to our sales team.


Jack, did you all decide on the colors for your team’s new phones? Just let me know and we’ll get you set up.


Cody, when will you be getting back from Ecuador? I want to make sure you’re all set up by the time you get back!


Group Broadcasts

Guidelines: Send a message to a larger group of recipients.


Hey Team, great job this weekend! As a bonus for your hard work, take Monday off!


Hello Sales Rockstars! Just a quick reminder that we’re throwing you a taco party for your good work at 1:30 pm on Wed in Conference B.


Hi! Just wanted to point you to our new customer forum: tinyurl.com/talkback. We’d love to hear from you!


Hi folks! Just wanted to point you to our new product update because I think it can save you tons of time! tinyurl.com/update


Free Trials

Guidelines: Text your customers throughout their free trials.


Welcome to your Acme Tool trial! If you have any questions or need extra help, just shoot us a text at this number!


You’ve been using the Acme Tool for a week! What do you think? We hope you’re digging us. Text us your thoughts and questions – we love hearing from you.


Did you know that the Acme Tool syncs with DataBot? Try it out during your trial!


[Text 1] Your Acme trial ends tomorrow. I know, time flies when you’re managing your incoming leads like a boss. Ready to double down? Let’s talk.


[Text 2] Are you available Wed. or Thurs. at 10 or 11 to chat for 5 mins about our plan options?


[Text 3] Your Acme trial ended today. 🙁 If you’re still interested here’s a 10% off promo! Thanks for trying Acme tinyurl.com/promo