51 Text Message Templates Your HR Team Can Use Today

Have you noticed that your applicants and even employees take a long time to respond to your calls and emails? If they respond at all? Like you, they are inundated with messages. Each day, they probably receive dozens of phone calls and hundreds of emails. Being part of a more connected world can speed up business, but it also means that traditional channels of communication are crowded and becoming less effective each day.

Text messaging is a great way to cut through the noise. It is far more effective than an email in getting people’s attention – 8x more likely to get a response be exact!

Our text messaging templates here are designed specifically for HR teams. They will help you engage your employees, speed your onboarding process, and attract the attention of talented candidates. Read on!


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Employee Engagement

Introducing Text Messaging
Onboarding and Orientation 
Ongoing Training
Encouragement and Team Building 
Benefits and Open Enrollment 


Introducing Text Messaging
Interview Scheduling
Dormant Candidates
Conferences & Job Fairs

Employee Engagement

Want to preview these templates? Check out some of our favorites below! 

Introducing Text Messaging

Guidelines: Let your employees know that they can reach you – and each other – by text


Hey team! Texting through the TextUs app is now live throughout the company. Feel free to text your supervisor or coworkers for quick communication.


We’re excited to announce we’ve paired up with TextUs, the stellar texting platform. Now you can text any HR manager at our business number!


Wesley, Dom from XYZ – we’re wagering you love to text as much as the next guy and we’re excited to announce our recruiters are now just a text away.

Employee Engagement

Onboarding and Orientation

Guidelines: Onboarding and orientation are full of the kind of brief but crucial information that’s perfect for text messaging.


Hello Trudy, here’s a link to the corporate office, where your first week’s training will be held. Have fun tomorrow! https://tinyurl.com/txthq


We’re so excited to have you join our team, Carla! We made this welcome video for you with staff intros and a campus tour – enjoy! https://tinyurl.com/textwel


Lisabeth – Welcome to Shooli! Here’s a link to your schedule for this first week (https://tinyurl.com/m9ph5uj). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to text or call me! — Ben


Hi, it’s Brad at Dovenco, and I’ll be your staff trainer this week! Do you have any questions I can help you out with before your first day?


Hi John, just a reminder to bring your social security card, current picture ID, and completed paperwork along with you on Tues.


Devon – Lisa here, from GranCo. Check out our mobile orientation module if you want to get a peek at the lay of the land: https://tinyurl.com/txtmb


Sparla, which compliance session would work best for you: M 9-1, M 1-5, or W 11-3?


Hi Bernice! Just a reminder that you still need to complete your workplace behavior module before the end of the month. Here’s the link: https://tinyurl.com/txtmb

Employee Engagement

Ongoing Training

Guidelines: Employees will be more likely to attend trainings and come more prepared with some info by text beforehand.


Lydia – have you heard about the Widget Knowledge series that starts next Wed.? I think it’d really help you with your CX questions.

[Text 1] Ty, don’t miss out on your team’s sales training on Fri! Text me if you’ll be there – and with any lunch requests 🙂

[Text 2, if no response] Know you’re busy, just wanted to confirm you’ll be at the sales training tomorrow – lots of tips to help you hit your goals!

[Text 3, if no response] The Lock Down Leads training is going on rn in the conference room – and there’s pizza. Come on up!

Employee Engagement

Encouragement and Team Building

Guidelines: Build on staff relationships and encourage engagement with short, well-timed messages.


Felicity – I hear everyone was really impressed with your presentation this morning. Keep up the good work!


I just read your latest blog post and I think it’s my all-time favorite. Love the story about the sales team!


Know you’re swamped – please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help out.


Phil, Zak, + Rudy – I just heard your team has already crushed your sales goals for the quarter. When’s a good time to take you out to celebrate?


Hey Team, great job this week! As a bonus for your hard work, please take Monday off!

Employee Engagement


Guidelines: If your timesheet requests and tax reminders get lost in the shuffle, try texting to encourage quicker response.


Hey, do you have 20 minutes Thursday or Friday afternoon at 2 or 3 to prep for your interview?


Happy Friday! Can I give you a call Monday morning with a hot job opportunity I think you’d be perfect for?


Interview alert! Driveshaft Unlimited is psyched about you! They’re holding half-hour interviews next Thursday and Friday from 1-5. When’s best for you?


Maeve – when is best for a 30-min interview with William, the CEO of Delos? He’s available Mon 2-4 or Tues 1-3.


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