The Definitive Guide to Business Texting

Everything you need to know to create an effective business texting strategy.

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Increasingly, businesses rely on the simplicity and convenience of text to help them get in touch with prospects more quickly, schedule meetings, move deals towards a close, and more. And just as “business communication” is more powerful and complex than simply communicating for business, business texting is more than just texting for business.

Jump to Chapter 1 now to learn about the power and benefits of business texting.

As text messaging continues to evolve, one of the biggest areas of innovation is in business texting. The value-driven, personalized texts of today are as different from the spammy mass marketing texts as a brick Nokia is from an iPhone X.

Jump to Chapter 2 now for 7 actionable ways that your business can start using texting today to improve response rates, speed connection, and nurture relationships.

Even if your team has been struggling to connect with contacts by phone and email, they may be hesitant to adopt text messaging into their outreach tactics. They may be committed to the status quo, they may be skeptical about its efficacy, or they may feel too busy to change things up. Whatever the reason, since we know text messaging works to get ahold of people faster, it’ll be worth the time and energy to coach your team to adopt it.

Jump to Chapter 3 now for a breakdown on how to get your team to use business texting.

Now that you’ve gotten your team to use business texting, how do you help them get responses?

Jump to Chapter 4 now to explore 7 actionable tips that you and your team can start implementing today to get optimal response rates.

  1. Keep it short.
  2. Be casual and friendly.
  3. Stay specific.
  4. Stay timely.
  5. Focus on them.
  6. Ask yes or no questions.
  7. Use text to schedule more in-depth conversations.

The old-school way we’ve been trained to communicate for business is broken. Phone calls are ignored and emails go unanswered. So, why are you still relying on phone calls and emails alone to drive your business communication?

Texting is the missing communication tool you need to bring your business fully into the mobile world.

Jump to Chapter 5 now to learn how the Business Texting Framework boosts your inbound and outbound conversion rates through conversational text messages at strategic points throughout your contacts’ journey.

When you’re communicating with anyone -- from friends and family to leads and clients -- your interactions build off of each other to create a connection. No single message, phone call, or chat defines the relationship -- instead, trust is built (or eroded) incrementally over time.

Jump to Chapter 6 now to learn how text messaging sequences can help you build trust throughout your contact’s journey with you.

The Definitive Guide to Business Texting

Download Guide as PDF:


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