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TextUs is the most popular business texting software for sales pros to communicate faster and close more deals.

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Increase communication by 10x with a 98% read rate and up to 40% response rates. 

Group Broadcast texts that convert 1:1
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Relationship-building with texting
Quick follow-ups to get a response
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Accelerate your sales process by eliminating wasted time from cold calls, voicemails, and emails.

  • Increase response rates from candidates by up to 800%
  • Save time contacting unresponsive candidates
  • Get responses within minutes
  • Manage multiple conversations from your desktop
  • Text from your computer on your landline
  • Track all text messages from your company

How it Works 🖥️ 📲

TextUs lets you text people from your existing business phone number. After text enabling your landline, you can send, track, and manage multiple conversations directly from your computer or your phone.

By eliminating business texting on personal cell phones, your company increases sales or support productivity while improving security.

When you integrate TextUs with your preferred CRM or ATS, you instantly improve tracking and your data integrity.

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From connecting with cold contacts to nurturing leads through free trials, here’s how to implement business texting to improve your team’s productivity, delight your contacts, and boost sales.

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