Text Messaging for Staffing & Recruiting

As the fastest growing text recruiting software, TextUs gives your staffing and recruiting teams the capability to improve speed to market and place candidates faster.

Communicate 10x Faster

With TextUs, your team can communicate with candidates up to 10x faster than phone or email. And in the increasingly competitive staffing industry, speed matters more than ever.

That’s why over 800+ staffing firms use TextUs to accelerate their recruiting, sourcing, and onboarding.

As the most popular texting software for staffing and recruiting firms, TextUs gives your team the capability to get ahold of more candidates than they could by phone or email alone.

Improve Sourcing

Easy-to-use text recruiting software lets you instantly to send jobs to 100s of candidates.

Schedule Interviews Instantly

Text talent to get a 98% read rate and a 40% response rate.

Track Everything in Your ATS

Integrate all of your text messages directly into your ATS.

Activate Passive Talent

Get passive candidates to respond.

Build Better Relationships

Communicate the way candidates want you to.

Track Recruiter Effectiveness

View all of your texting analytics to see which recruiters communicate most effectively.

Follow-up Faster

Get your message in front of talent faster than you can with email or a phone call.

Onboard Smarter

Get paperwork completed faster by communicating smarter.

Get Jobs in Top Talent’s Hands Instantly

Use text to get your jobs to market faster.

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