Why You Want to Start a Conversation with TextUs at Bullhorn Engage 2018

Today kicks off day two of Bullhorn Engage 2018!

The TextUs team is at the booth and we’re prepping our roundtable to make sure it’s packed with all the info you need to help your recruiters get in touch with the right candidates at the right time.

We’re putting the finishing touches on our Engage with TextUs conference page, where you can find our latest updates and content throughout the show.

We’re also getting psyched to introduce you to the next big thing we’re building at TextUs! Here’s a little taste of what we’ve brought to Boston. Come chat with us!

Bullhorn Engage Roundtable: 10 Tactics, Tools, and Techniques Your Competitors Use to Source Candidates Faster Than You


We hope you’ll join us for our roundtable where we’ll be laying down the tactics, tools, and techniques that give staffing firms a competitive advantage.

We’ll share data-backed insights into the software, strategy, and best practices that the most successful staffing firms use to scale faster.

Here are the 10 tactics, tools, and techniques that we’ll discuss with you in Boston:

#1. Engage your team in Conversational Recruiting by TextUs

Give your recruiters the power to speed up candidate communication without being fake or spammy.

We’ll walk you through our data-backed communication strategies to use business-class text messaging to engage candidates in conversations — not transactions.

#2. Send broadcast text messages from Bullhorn with TextUs

Send hundreds of candidates personalized text messages directly from Bullhorn with just a few clicks.

We’ll provide a step-by-step guide on sending the high-volume targeted messages that actually get responses.

Want a sneak peak? Check out our blog on sending TextUs Group Broadcasts to your Bullhorn contact lists.

#3. Connect faster with integrated voice software by TextUs

Tap the new TextUs Voice Connect features to empower your recruiters to call candidates directly from TextUs with Click-to-Call.

We’ll introduce you to our latest feature and discuss how it integrates with Bullhorn to give you real-time insights into your recruiters’ outreach strategies.

#4. Communicate the way candidates want with SMS

Did you know that 9 out 10 people expect businesses to be able to communicate through text? Candidates are busy — they want you to reach out to them the way they communicate with their family and friends.

We’ll discuss harnessing the power of text to break through the noise.

#5. Standardize your messaging with templated texts and emails

Tap text messaging templates to boost response rates and standardize your candidate outreach.

We’ll give examples of some data-informed templates that will save your recruiters time, boost your response rates, and help you implement best communication practices across your organization.

#6. Activate passive candidates with business texting

Use SMS re-engagement messages to get non-responsive talent to talk with your recruiters.

We’ll discuss the tactics and messaging that actually get the attention of passive candidates.

#7. Get more referrals with Staffing Referrals and TextUs

Mobilize your existing candidate network with Staffing Referrals, a white label referral management software.

We’ll discuss how to standardize and scale your referral program to see rapid ROI.

#8. Train your recruiters on the daily texting routine

Implement text messaging best practice every day to maximize your recruiters’ efficiency and close candidate faster.

We’ll give you concrete examples you can teach your team as soon as you get back from the conference, such as starting every day with a Group Broadcast to 100 targeted high-potential candidates.

#9. Send multimedia messages to increase engagement

Use TextUs to send MMS messages and increase your response rate.

We’ll go over the do’s and don’ts of great MMS outreach.

#10. Explore your team’s text messaging analytics

Learn from your most-effective recruiters by sharing the messages that work the best across your organization.

We’ll discuss how to use text messaging analytics to improve all of your recruiters’ communication tactics.

Come visit us at our booth (#13) — we’d love to chat with you about tools that help your team work better and connect faster.

You’ll get a full 30-day trial for your entire team for free.

(And if you can’t make the show, don’t worry! Visit textus.com/bullhorn, where we’ll be sharing all our content as it’s released live this week at the show!)

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