Engage Better and Close More Deals with Text Outreach

SaaS sales can bring different challenges than other types of sales. One of the most notable differences is the type of software you are selling.  You may need to educate your audience multiple times before they understand the value and need.  If you’re selling enterprise software, you will likely have different decision makers that lengthen the approval process – and these decision makers may not be your intended users.  Knowing how to communicate to each audience throughout the funnel can help you close more deals and shorten your sales cycle.  Text is a great way to sell in SaaS – just ask our own reps! Here are some messages you can send right now to engage with your prospects.

10 texting templates for sales teams in SaaS


Andy: Curious how others are using our platform in e-commerce? Read our case study with Squarespace here. tinyurl.com/casestudy


Kelly: We surveyed 100 IT directors like you and here is the full report on the state of AI.  Give it a read and let me know your thoughts on where you see AI fitting into your budget!  tinyurl.com/stateofai


Sam, this is Sean from Acme. Our look at 2022 CRM trends is live! Thought you might want to look into the future with us. tinyurl.com/crm


Lucy, thanks for downloading our benchmarking report! Are you available for 5 mins today to discuss the results? — Mindy from Acme


Hi Daniel, I saw in Forbes you want to boost annual growth by 30%. We recently helped TRN do just that. Are you available to chat tomorrow at 2 or 3 pm ET?


Hi Sarah! Your free trial with Zapier is set to expire on 2/15 – log in to your account to subscribe.  Text me with any questions you have!


Hey Frank! I’d love to show you how our features can boost your team’s productivity.  Join us for a live demo this Wednesday 3/6 at 4pm ET.  Confirm attendance here: tinyurl.com/livedemo


Hi Maria: You mentioned your calendar tool wasn’t syncing properly. Our client testimonials praise our integrations as a top feature.  Try it for yourself- book time here tinyurl.com/bookme


Liam: We’ve found that 89% of reps struggle with ignored calls and emails.  If you have experienced the same, I’d love to chat with you about how text can help! Reply back with “CLOSED” and we can find a time!


Cara: I understand you’ll need to take this to your team. Here is a one pager that will make your presentation stronger.  Let me know if you need anything else! Thanks, Gabi tinyurl.com/onepager