TextUs Tips: Using High Volume Text Messaging to Fuel Your Communications & Marketing Strategy [REFERENCE GUIDE]

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Cutting through the clutter is a perpetual battle for today’s marketing leaders.  In order to support an omnichannel strategy, messaging needs to move beyond email and social media.  When text messaging needs exceed campaign limits, a high volume account from TextUs will support mass messaging strategies, delivering to a high number of recipients at a single time.

How is High Volume messaging different from a typical SMS campaign?

Oftentimes, a standard texting app will only limit campaign sizes to 100 recipients or less.  When business needs call for larger groups of recipients, it is important to leverage a specific account that is designed to deliver high volumes of text messages at the same time.  

Text message marketing typically seeks to reach a large number of recipients and as such, benefits greatly by leveraging a high volume messaging account.

In this version of TextUs Tips, we outline some of the top ways marketers can support a multi-channel communication strategy using high volume text messaging.

4 Ways to Utilize High Volume SMS to Support a Multi-Channel Communication Strategy:

  1.  Quickly execute on marketing campaigns

SMS cannot be overlooked in today’s multi-channel marketing efforts.  It’s a fast, direct and effective way to communicate with customers and prospects alike and text enjoys as high as a 98% open rate.

  1. Conduct market research using SMS

Hoping to gather market insights via survey?  Think about sending it via text. Research shows  31% of recipients will respond to a survey via SMS.

  1. Solicit and acquire customer feedback

Encourage customer reviews and feedback by sending an invite by text message. With an average response time of

90 seconds or less and read rates over 97%, texting is a quick and immediate way to solicit feedback.

  1. Send flash sales and special offers

Support your other marketing channels with special offers via SMS.  Over half of consumers want to get offers via text, but as few as 11% of businesses send them.

SMS represents a major opportunity to capture incremental revenue and build customer loyalty.

Check out the full list below for a quick reference guide on how to better use High Volume text messaging in your communication strategy>>

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