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Tired of Making Cold Calls? Learn How to Make Warm Calls with the Text + Call Double Punch

Let’s be real: cold calls are old-fashioned and awkward, and don’t get results. We don’t like cold calling. Your customers don’t like cold calls. But phone calls are still an important tool. You can make calls more powerful by being strategic about when you use them.

When you combine a well-timed text with a call, you get the double benefit of the quick casualness of text and the warmer connection of a real voice. Think of texts and calls as partners getting the same job done in different ways. So let’s look at how to make that partnership successful.

Introduce yourself ?

When a prospect fills out a website form or stops by your booth at a trade show, you can use a text to send that first hello. You can then jump right into the meat of the conversation during your first call instead of wasting time on introductions.

Try this:

Hi {{contact.first_name}}, this is Nate from TextUs! Great to meet you at last week’s conference. I know you were interested in learning more — let’s set up a quick call for this week. How about Wednesday?

Follow up on a voicemail ?

Up to 70% of people don’t listen to their voicemails. Stop phone tag cold by sending a text and then calling right away when you get the green light.

For example:

Hey {{contact.first_name}}, Just left a voicemail. I’m free now to talk — good time to call?

And if it’s not a good time…

Schedule a call ?

Long email chains are old, and we’re over it. Text to quickly set up a call by sending a link to your calendar:

Hi {{contact.first_name}}, Let’s set up a time to chat about this. Here’s a link to my calendar: Let me know what looks good, and I’ll coordinate.

Send a reminder ?

You finally got that coveted call scheduled — yes! But then the phone rings into infinity. You probably used to send a “sorry I missed you” email which had a 50/50 chance of getting answered. Subvert the whole process by sending a personal reminder before your meeting:

Hey {{contact.first_name}}, just a quick reminder that I plan to call at 3pm (in about an hour). Is that still a good time to talk?

Share relevant resources prior to a meeting ?

Prep your prospect by texting a quick link to a blog post or video. By loading them up with resources in advance, you’re setting up a more meaningful phone call.

Hi {{contact.first_name}}, Thought I’d send along this link to our 101 Texting Templates for Sales. Don’t let me forget to chat about this with you tomorrow at 3pm.
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