Acceptable Use Policy


TextUs Acceptable Use Policy
This document is an extension of TextUs’ Terms of Service and is a part of TextUs’ overall Agreement. TextUs provides a text messaging service for customers to extend text messaging beyond the mobile phone. Users of the TextUs Service can send texts from the TextUs Platform via our Web, Desktop, and Tablet apps. Advanced users can use the TextUs API with their TextUs Account. With great power comes great responsibility. By signing up for TextUs, You agree to adhere to TextUs’ Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.
Telephonic Spamming Policy
Using the TextUs Service for telephonic spam will result in Your account being deactivated immediately. We take telephonic spam and unsolicited messaging very seriously. Text messaging (SMS and MMS) is a regulated medium. There are a number of governing bodies that help to protect consumers from telephonic spam and unsolicited messages. TextUs builds safeguards into its Service to protect consumers. As a User of the Platform, You are also responsible for respecting the governing federal, state, and local calling and texting laws and regulations, including but not limited to the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) and Telemarketing Sales Rule (“TSR”). As a user of TextUs, You are agreeing to be a good citizen of the Platform. 
Content must be age appropriate for all audiences. Recipients should provide the requisite level of prior express consent to opt-in to receive messages from You, especially if You will be advertising to them or will be sending promotional material to them. Recipients should be able to opt-out of Your messaging campaigns. Within the initial text message to a recipient, it is best to provide information on how he or she can opt out-of from receiving future text messages.  
In an effort to protect all users, You should look for keywords that denote a user’s intention to opt-out of receiving future text messages. Those keywords include but are not limited to: “stop,” “stopall,” “block,” “end,” “unsubscribe,” and “quit.” Understand that, if an opt-out request is received from the recipient, it is your responsibility to comply with that request and use the opt-out function provided by TextUs to prevent further messages from being sent to that individual.