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TextUs is the leading business text messaging platform for companies that want to engage in real-time conversations with customers, leads, employees and candidates.

A faster, better, easier way to business texting

TextUs is the leading messaging engagement platform for recruiters and sales professionals that drives pipeline creation and improves hiring and sales cycle conversion.

Tired of unanswered phone calls and emails that get no response? In sales and recruiting, they say time kills all deals. SMS is one of the most engaging ways to communicate and actually get responses quickly. Text messaging gets 10x the response rate of phone and email and will help improve speed to market and sales cycle conversion.

Create eye-catching campaigns

Want to fill your pipeline faster? Discover campaign tools allow you to reach more people and drive higher response rates. Rich media and MMS, A/B testing, branded short links, and campaign analytics mean you can be more effective with your mass texting communications and drive better results, putting more qualified candidates and prospects into your pipeline in a shorter amount of time.

And you can simplify repetitive tasks with automation features that will drive workflow efficiency, save time in your day, and maximize your output.

Connect from anywhere

Never miss a message with TextUs. Our platform is easy to use and can be accessed via the web app on your desktop, mobile app or in our slide out Chrome extension. Integrate with your CRM, ATS or HRIS platform to make texting a seamless extension of your current tech stack. Save time, reduce hassle and simplify your workflow with text messaging that drives higher productivity, more conversion and better results.

Analyze results & stay compliant

TextUs lets you gain insight into messaging, settings, and usage with new enterprise-level analytics and so you can apply best practices across your organization.

And we’ll work with you to determine the right process to meet compliance with 10DLC and effective messaging strategies.

We have your back

With our easy to use platform and customer favorite support team, we’ll be here for you every step of the way to ensure your organization can get the help they need to continue texting.

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