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"I love TextUs. They treat you as well or better after the sale as before the sale. Effective texting is critical to business communication and we need to know what is being said and not said by our employees via text. TextUs allows us to do this in a frictionless way.”

Ken Krieger,
CIO at The Judge Group

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TextUs is the world's first real-time communication platform for business


Rather than expect people to answer a cold call or wait days for an email response, real-time communication combines conversational text messaging, cloud-voice service and personalized automation to help you connect with people in real time.


Send conversational text message campaigns from your business number

Text-enable each team member’s existing business phone number and manage conversations on desktop or mobile.

Easily communicate in real-time from your computer and CRM or ATS

Get your team texting and calling contacts right from their workflow in Salesforce, Bullhorn, erecruit and other popular platforms.

Optimize results and scale a real-time approach across your entire team

Analyze what communication converts best and manage organization wide settings like opt-outs and approved text message templates.



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Easy to use business-class text messaging™ and cloud-voice software your team will love.



Watch the Video 1:20

Conversational SMS Campaigns

Gone are the days of promotional spam messages. Now, you can send conversational text messages to hundreds of contacts and get a response.

Conversation Management

New conversations states to keep you organized, such as open, unanswered, and closed.

Multi-User Phone Numbers

Give team members access to multiple phone numbers, such as a department number and an individual number.

Full CRM/ATS Contact Sync

Track all calls and texts in your CRM/ATS and sync up your contact database with the TextUs Contact Center.

Super Admin User Control

Gain insight into messaging, settings, and analytics for all sub-accounts with new enterprise-level super admin user controls.

Organization Mapping

Determine which teams and individuals have access to settings, integrations, templates, and more with organizational mapping.


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