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TextUs gives your team a real-time, one-to-one connection with your customers to communicate faster and build better relationships.

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"We've been looking for a solution that brings our communication strategy to another level. We found that in TextUs."

Baljit "Brian" Gill,
Founder & CIO/COO, TalentBurst

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TextUs is the world's first real-time communication platform for business


Rather than expect people to answer a cold call or wait days for an email response, real-time communication combines conversational text messaging, cloud-voice service and personalized automation to help you connect with people in real time.


Send conversational text message campaigns from your business number

Text-enable each team member’s existing business phone number and manage conversations on desktop or mobile.

Easily communicate in real-time from your computer and CRM

Get your team texting and calling contacts right from their workflow in Salesforce, Bullhorn, erecruit and other popular platforms.

Optimize results and scale a real-time approach across your entire team

Analyze what communication converts best and manage organization wide settings like opt-outs and approved text message templates.



Communicate in real time from your computer ✨

Easy to use business-class text messaging™ and cloud-voice software your team will love.



Watch the Video 1:20

Conversational SMS Campaigns

Gone are the days of promotional spam messages. Now, you can send conversational text messages to hundreds of contacts and get a response.

Conversation Management

New conversations states to keep you organized, such as open, unanswered, and closed.

Multi-User Phone Numbers

Give team members access to multiple phone numbers, such as a department number and an individual number.

Full CRM/ATS Contact Sync

Track all calls and texts in your CRM/ATS and sync up your contact database with the TextUs Contact Center.

Super Admin User Control

Gain insight into messaging, settings, and analytics for all sub-accounts with new enterprise-level super admin user controls.

Organization Mapping

Determine which teams and individuals have access to settings, integrations, templates, and more with organizational mapping.



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