Higher Education Text Messaging

Transform student engagement at your university with our cutting-edge higher education messaging platform. Simplify your campus-wide communication by sending updates, alerts, and important information directly to students’ text messaging inboxes. With our solution’s exceptional efficiency, elevate the educational experience by meeting students where they are—on their devices, ensuring immediate attention and response.

Why TextUs for Higher Education?

By integrating our platform, you create a streamlined communication channel that fosters timely interaction, boosts administrative productivity, and cultivates a connected campus community. Students today expect immediacy and convenience; our solution delivers just that.

Create Efficient Workflows

Leverage TextUs automation to transform student and faculty communication with real-time updates through automated SMS notifications. Reduce administrative burdens and streamline campus interactions. Boost engagement and retention by using sequences to send timely reminders for enrollment deadlines, payments, and academic events. Integrate TextUs effortlessly with leading campus management systems for a cohesive and automated workflow tailored for the higher education environment.

Increase Enrollment

Use group broadcasts to connect with students more efficiently.

Increase Administrative Productivity

Handle appointments, reminders, and follow-ups with unparalleled efficiency.

Support Your Students

Answer questions quickly using keyword auto responses for text messaging for higher education.

Create Workflows

Use Keywords and Sequences to automate your workflow for more efficient communication.

Increase Engagement through SMS

Leverage SMS technology to enhance student engagement by tailoring content, academic alerts, and personal reminders that connect on a personal level. Incorporating SMS into your university’s communication strategy has shown to escalate engagement levels, propel academic success, and bolster overall student satisfaction.

Personalize Communications

Provide support and guidance to students with 1:1 conversational SMS.

Improve Financial Aid Support

Help students get information faster by reaching out via text.

Build Better Relationships

Answer individual questions that arise for new and existing students quickly and efficiently.

Analyzing SMS Impact

Gain insights that reshape and refine your SMS strategies.

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