SMS Marketing for Retail

TextUs is a feature-rich SMS software for retail that increases engagement with leads, prospects, and customers during holiday sales, follow-ups, and event promotions, resulting in notable gains in pipeline creation and conversion rates.

Why TextUs for Retail Text Messaging?

TextUs is the superior lead generation platform for retail companies that want to engage in real-time conversations over SMS. Our feature-rich software optimizes retail text message marketing by providing campaigns and automation to drive lead generation and enables 1:1 conversational SMS to drive close rate. TextUs’ intuitive apps seamlessly integrate to your CRM for contact management and note logging, making them natural extensions of current sales and marketing processes.

SMS Marketing for Retail

Increase engagement with leads and prospects without cutting into your selling time with rich campaign features, automated text messages, and drip campaigns tailored for your business.

Bring More People to the Show Floor

Send unlimited and personalized rich media campaigns to get people through the door.

Promote Special Offers

Reach your target audience with special offers and promotional events with Keywords like “PROMO.”

Track Texts in Your CRM

Capture messages in your database automatically through our CRM integrations.

Increase Sales Rep Productivity

Maximize the time your team spends selling by using your texting solution to send group broadcasts and drip campaigns.

Increase close rates through SMS conversations

SMS communication is now more important than emails and phone calls in engaging and retaining customers. TextUs is a leading retail text message marketing solution that provides rich conversational features that allow you to be more productive, significantly increase engagement and ultimately close more sales.

Eliminate Cold Calls

Skip ineffective sales techniques and focus on a 1:1, conversational texting solution.

Leave No Sale Behind

Get dormant sales targets to respond instantly.

Build Better Relationships

Communicate and follow-up in a more personal 1:1 setting that customers prefer.

Hire Faster

Fill more positions for holiday and busy seasons.

Short Code Limitations in Retail

Short code texting has become a go-to for retailers looking to engage with their customers in a quick and convenient way. It’s certainly a popular option, but it’s important to recognize its limitations. While it may be an effective tool for some aspects of your marketing or communication strategy, the reality is that short code texting has its drawbacks.


Short codes are not cheap – in fact, they are very expensive. Companies have to pay a monthly fee to lease them, typically in excess of one thousand dollars. Plus, every message sent and received using a short code costs the company a certain amount of money. This cost can add up quickly in just a few retail campaigns.

Marketing limitations

Short codes come with various restrictions, such as character limits and specific keywords, making it difficult for you to tailor your SMS messaging according to your marketing objectives. With these limitations in place, your retail campaigns may fail to connect with your targeted audience.

Restrictive integration features

Short codes are restricted in their integration capabilities, which may limit how smoothly they integrate with existing workflows in your current CRM or ATS making it more difficult to follow up with consumers later.

Technical restraints

Short code numbers limit the technical capabilities that retail businesses can leverage. Since short codes can only manage limited character sets, it makes engaging content like images of a new product or other attachments challenging to implement.

How TextUs Can Help

While short code texting may be an inviting option for retail, it comes with limitations that diminish the effectiveness of the short code texting program as a marketing or communication tool.

However, TextUs offers businesses a solution to all these problems with options like 10DLC and toll-free numbers. Our real-time communication platform allows you to have personalized, two-way conversations with your customers at a much more affordable price point.

We allow you to leverage the power of texting and provide better engagement and response rates compared to short codes.

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