A New Communication Strategy for the On-Demand Economy

Chapter 1

It’s considered world-class service to respond to customers within 15 minutes. But, for a growing number of companies, 15 minutes is way too long. In the on-demand economy, waiting has become unacceptable.

And believe it or not, how long someone waits to hear back from you can make all the difference in closing new business, beating the competition, or delighting a valued customer.

Today we’re always on, always connected, and we expect to engage and communicate on-demand, and on our terms.

This new reality has brought the rise of real-time communication, with live-chat and text messaging leading a revolution in how organizations attract, work with, and respond to customers.

We’ve now entered the Era of Real-Time, where business communication is instant, personal, authentic, and aligned with how we communicate in the rest of our daily lives.

How to Adopt a Real-Time Communication Strategy

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