Business Texting Features

With our easy-to-use TextUs features, your team will be able to speed up communication and close more deals.

Group Broadcast Messages

This isn’t like your family group texts. Send Group Broadcast messages that convert one-to-one conversations.

  • Send Group Broadcasts

    Create as many different groups as you’d like. Choose one of your name merged message templates then send your direct, personalized text message to groups of 100 contacts at a time.

  • Convert into One-to-One Conversations

    Your text message responses will begin “popping up” in TextUs web portal opening the door to dozens of personal, one-to-conversations.

  • Speed Up Business

    Engage, sell, close and watch your business grow!

Message Templates

We’ve made it easy to send those texts you find yourself repeating while testing to find the ones that resonate most.

Drag and Drop Contact Upload

Easy, drag and drop, contact uploader lets you immediately start texting.

Two-Way Text Messaging
From Your Web Browser

With the TextUs Web App you can manage dozens of personal, one-to-one, text conversations with any mobile phone directly from your computer.

Manage Multiple Conversations

With the TextUs Web App you can manage dozens of personal, one-to-one, text conversations directly from your computer.

SMS to Email Forwarding

Make sure you never miss a text. SMS to Email forwarding will forward texts when you’re offline.

Auto-Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Not sure if your texting a mobile number? The TextUs Reverse Number Lookup will make sure your message will go through.

Multi-User Login

TextUs allows multiple users to manage text conversations from the same phone number. Inbound messages can be viewed by each user as they come into the portal.

Chat Claiming

Each user can see which other users has “claimed” and is managing each individual chat conversation, so they don’t cross-channel responses with the customer.

TextUs API

Our REST API allows you to sync contacts and log your inbound and outbound communication.

TextUs Mobile App

Manage your business texting conversations on the go from your iPhone or Android.

Text Messaging Analytics

Our analytics give the insight you need to find response rate ratios, inbound/outbound message stats and more.

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Messages Received

Group Broadcasts

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