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Find Out How Fast-Growth Firms Do It Differently in StaffingHub’s New State of Staffing Report

We’re excited to share StaffingHub’s 2019 State of Staffing Industry Growth Benchmarking Report, sponsored by TextUs. StaffingHub connected with staffing executives and recruiters across the industry to help you better understand what it takes to supercharge your staffing firm’s growth.

The State of Staffing Industry Growth Benchmarking Report explores:

  • Staffing industry growth trends
  • Day-to-day challenges
  • Time to close
  • Cost per hire
  • Text messaging software use
  • Marketing automation software use
  • Referral management software use
  • Staffing industry resources and conferences

It highlights three industry trends:

  1. Speed is crucial
  2. Firms that respond faster, grow faster. Fast-growth firms:

    • Close 14 days faster than slow-growth firms
    • Are 3x more likely than other firms to respond to leads within 5 minutes

    What’s more, firms that use text messaging software are 55% more likely to respond within 5 minutes than firms that don’t.

  3. Make tech choices that make your firm more human
  4. The majority of staffing firms are moving towards automation. Nearly 60% of staffing firms now use marketing automation tools.

    But not all automation is created equal. The fastest-growing firms are automating repetitive, low-touch task so their recruiters can focus on what really matters: building real relationships with candidates.

  5. It’s all about trust and authenticity
  6. The staffing industry is in on the trend: it’s all about keeping it real. To build the relationships that the industry thrives on, the most important recruiting traits are transparency, authenticity, and responsiveness.

Download the State of Staffing Industry Growth Benchmarking Report to stay in front of these trends and to grow your staffing firm faster.

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SMS Marketing Statistics 2023 | How to keep unsubscribe rates low

Our newest white paper is now available! SMS Marketing Statistics 2023 reveals findings from a survey conducted by Benenson Strategy Group on behalf of TextUs. Those results paired with our own data and usage reveal text message trends in consumer personal behaviors and how that translates to business texting. Consumers are hungry for content and find text messaging a great way to connect BUT they are picky about what and how often they receive it.

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